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Android devices are showing up inside and outside the BOX network


So I have 2 Android devices. One cell phone and one tablet. Both show up inside and outside the BOX network. I've done all the usual crap of removing them, reinstalling the software, etc. and still I get the same situation.

The "Inside" entries show the names of the devices given, IP addresses, and MAC addresses, but show that no Bitdefender products are installed at all. The "Outside" entries show up as the model numbers of the devices, no information about the devices other than Android version, and show Bitdefender being installed.

The tablet is wifi only so it literally can only talk to the network 1 way, so how it can be inside and outside is a mystery. I tried logging into the Central app from my phone and "pushing" the install to the phone, it just brings up Google Play Store and installs the same way as it did before.

Once installed on my phone/tablet it is logged in as me, has a subscription showing BOX, and shows the model number as the name (won't let me change it and it is not the name set in Android as the device), but otherwise works seemingly as intended.

How can I reconcile these devices? I have also manually restarted the BOX itself, it has been weird at its detection lately. For some reason it thinks my ASUS router is a Samsung phone.

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