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Adware.JS.Agent.FM - trojan, malware, ransomware - any experiences?



This morning I did a little research and clicked on a link in Google Web. Immediately I was warned by Bitdefender that this website is infected/malicious. I didn't continue, let Bitdefender take over and closed my browser. Since I adjusted the settings in a way that my browser history is being deleted after I closed all tabs, there shouldn't be any entries. After I closed my browser very shortly after, Bitdefender informed me that they were still protecting me 'in the background'. So I had a look in my notifications and saw that Bitdefender had blocked three attempts - two for an infected website with one of them stating the risk with "  Adware.JS.Agent.FM " and one for a phishing attempt. I'll add three screenshots of the entries in my Bitdefender app (it's in German but should be understandable). By the way, I never saw the phishing website nor did I enter any data.

So I googled Adware.JS.Agent.FM and learned that this is either a really malicious virus or trojan. I let Bitdefender run several searches (quick search as well as full system) and even installed another application called 'Malwarebytes' an hour later or so. Malwarebytes hasn't detected anything either. I also reset my browser and changed my password for Microsoft and Windows (on my phone to be safe).

So far, there are no suspicious activities going on on my laptop. It's as fast as ever, the system isn't down and I get no unwanted ads or anything else. I also haven't found any new and suspicious programs or add-ons in my browser. My CPU looks fine too.

Hence my question: Is it possible that the virus/trojan still got into my system and Bitdefender is unable to find it? I mean, it has detected the risk and blocked everything. Do I need to be concerned? And: is it possible that personal data was exchanged during the short time of 'encounter'?

I do rely on Bitdefender, but as I'm inexperienced with this stuff (which is why I choose a reliable antivirus program like Bitdefender) I'd appreciate other opinions and experiences. Maybe someone had the same 'problem' a while ago and can share the information.

Thank you in advance.