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Does BDBox work on a APC


Our power goes out more frequently than reasonable. I have installed Automatic battery backups and connected the nodes of my mesh network, a cell phone booster, and BD Box to those battery backups. The power went out this morning. We could call and text on cell phones, but could not access webpages. My mesh nodes have green lights indicating they are working properly. The BD Box showed a red circle. I tried disconnecting the power & Ethernet cables, waiting 30 sec, and reconnecting. That had no effect.

When the power came back on the BD Box began working properly and the blue circle came back.

is BD Box incompatible with a battery backup?


  • Flexx

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  • Boomer63

    This string directed me to call support. I did. They began instructing me to reset the Box. In the interim our power came back on and the Box went back online. IDK why. But, since it’s working I don’t want to shut it down. we also are on underground fiber with no modem, so we have a ETHERNET cable from the utility direct to the Box.

    instructions are

    Disconnect the isp from the BOX

    use a paper clip to press the reset button on the BOX

    go to BD Central app, reset the box

    connect to the isp.

    that should fix the issue. I will try it next time the power goes out.