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Web protection keep turning itself off. When I turn on Web Protection back on, VPN automatically turns on in my iPhone iOS settings. When I turn VPN off in my iPhone settings it also shuts off Web Protection.


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  • The VPN feature is turned off, but Web Protection still keeps turning off?



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    Hi Badger,

    Maybe it is because the saving gimmick in your mobile deactivates Bitdefender protection ?

    On my Android phone, I have to forbid bitdefender security and Bitdefender VPN to shut down to save the battery.

    Check if BD is not involved in the saving/shutdown process.



    AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D 8-Core Processor3.40 GHz 32,0 Go [ Bitdefender Internet Security + VPN] + Galaxy A13 Samsung Android.

  • Hi I’m having the same issue on my iPad Pro, it maybe that I’m using an alternative vpn. Can you have web protection and an alternative vpn because I can turn the web protection on manually and my vpn is also on?


  • Hi,

    Web Protection uses a special VPN to filter all Internet traffic by scanning the connections for malicious and fraudulent content, so it will trigger the VPN symbol on your iOS device when active. An alternative VPN cannot be used alongside Web Protection for the same reasons Bitdefender VPN and Web Protection can't run simultaneously.