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Bug? Bitdefender Mobile Security - stop/crashes at app-lock access (after opening a locked app).


Good day,

I'm using bitdefender for many years now without any problems, it silently does its work on all my devices.

But since just a few days (since about 27-10-2023) on my phone (Samsung S10e/OneUI 4.1/Android 12) Bitdefender mobile security stop/crashes at app-lock access (after opening a locked app). Bitdefender version

For example when try to open mail, then I get an error message saying that Bitdefender stopped, see attache image).

Also when entering the app-lock menu in bitdefender settings it crashes.

At entering any other settings the Bitdefender appdoes not crash.

Tried restarting the phone, clear app cache etc but problem still persists.

Is this a known bug?  Any ideas how to fix?

Thanks in advance.

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