App Crash Version (Android)

Sutti Mr.
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Since yesterday (27 Oct 23) the newest installed Android app version crashes many times. Version see subject. I had no problems before. Any ideas?

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    Kindly contact Bitdefender support by visiting

    Based on your selected product and the type of issue you're facing, you can get in touch with a support representative through email, chat, or a phone call.

    If you choose email, you will receive a ticket number on your registered email. The support team will reply within the next 24-48 hours, excluding weekends.


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  • Hi,

    I think this could be an isolated case since I'm unaware of any crashes reported so far. If anyone else is experiencing this, kindly post your findings in the comments down below. I would also recommend to contact the Support teams for further assistance.


  • Hi,

    I have contacted the support. I will see If i geht an answer!

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  • Same issue being experienced as @Sutti, started about the same date last week. The pop up notification below is displayed a number of times each day:

    So not an isolated problem.

    Same version of Bitdefender, mobile security running on Oppo CPH2025 (Find X2 Pro), Android 13.

  • Hello @mupi,

    I have noticed that @Sutti confirmed on the support ticket that they have upgraded to the newest version and the crashes are gone.

    Can you check if you have this version or not?


  • Hi @Alexandru_BD,

    I've just been chatting with BD support, and have uninstalled and reinstalled following the BD guides - the version I have switched to from the Play Store is now (seems to be an older version?).

    Will keep an eye for the pop-ups, but so far it seems to be stable.

  • Hi,

    Glad to hear the situation was resolved. Indeed, sometimes reinstalling the app solves such issues. The latest Mobile Security for Android version is but this has been released just recently, so it may take some time to propagate to all users. Product updates are rolling out gradually to all customers, and your device may not have the live build just yet. Once the staged rollout update reaches 100%, it is automatically downloaded and installed. The propagation mechanism includes new installs and update from older product versions. You can follow this forum thread for the latest product release notes: