Alerts on a sleeping and locked device

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I have been testing sending remote alerts to (Android) devices. It kinda works, but I have a feeling that it has a problem that might make this feature useless. On both devices that I tested I have a 9-pin pattern lock, in every case the device was at sleep when I sent the alert to it. The alert did not sound, until I woke it up.

Is this expected?

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    Kindly contact Bitdefender support by visiting

    Based on your selected product and the type of issue you're facing, you can get in touch with a support representative through email, chat, or a phone call.

    If you choose email, you will receive a ticket number on your registered email. The support team will reply within the next 24-48 hours, excluding weekends.

    Additionally, @agozob can also look into this for you.


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    Hi there @moniuch,

    It sounds like the OS is putting the app to sleep (either because of battery optimizations, doze mode or a similar mechanism). In this case there is unfortunately nothing we can do about this problem.

    What you can do is to try and reduce the chances of Android putting the app to sleep by toggling some device settings. You can search for "dontkillmyapp", it's a website showing instructions on how to do this depending on your device manufacturer. This might come in handy for other apps too!

    Hope this helps :)


  • Thanks for your input. I visited Optimization section on both my Android devices and made sure BD won't go to sleep, and tested again. There is a delay of about 2-3 minutes before the buzzer goes off when the device has been idle for a long time and asleep.