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MS Windows 10 Store saying "not connected to the internet"



I am on windows 10 Home edition and updated to the latest updates (it does that automatically every night),

i have only BitDefender as a protective product (no other anti virus / web protection / VPN ...)

before BitDefender everything worked perfectly, but after installing and scanning i cannot use Microsoft AppStore or whatsapp desktop, they both claim they are not connected to the internet, other apps works perfectly (like Firefox / chrome / Signal Messenger / Telegram / uTorrent ...)

in the Microsoft Store i have a button to check connectivity which leads to the Settings and Network tab, there is a loader animated gif, and after a few seconds the settings app crash (without me doing anything)

i have tried to disable everything on the BitDefender but no avail, i have also disabled windows firewall just to be on the safe side,

any help would be appreciated