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This is what I would like to see in a update to the Mobile App on Android.1. To have the App to scan a App in Google Play even before you download it. 2. When a App is just updated and the App is available on Google Play to download and install the update. I don't think Bitdefender has to scan it if it's just a update to the original App. 3. I would like to see the Browser Protection to be more stable and work better. I don't know if it is protecting me or not. Because every weekly report that is available says no Browser history was recorded. Even though some times when I open my browser I see a message saying Bitdefender is protecting you(yes I turned off battery saving mode). And finally I am still not sold on if you even need a Security App on phones unless they offer something very special. So I don't feel like I need it or am getting my moneys wroth with this. They should offer a unlimited VPN or something the Anti-Theft is even out of date. Google and IOS has there own Anti-Theft in a way.


  • Flexx
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    Additionally, @agozob can provide information regarding this. I also agree that Bitdefender should scan the app before clicking on the install button. I see that Norton Mobile Security has this option where a user searches for a particular application, selects it, and the application page opens to install it. Norton eventually scans the application and informs the user if the application is safe or not before installing it.


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  • agozob
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    Hello @Cuse165,

    Here's my input to your suggestions:

    1. This is a good feature idea and we will take it into consideration. Even though a full app scan requires the APK to be either downloaded on the SD card or installed, it is possible to provide some insight about a Play Store application before installing it.
    2. I do not believe it is a good idea to not scan app updates, even if they are installed from the Play Store. It's not uncommon for malicious payloads to be delivered via updates and there is malware that sneaks into official markets every now and then. If we put two and two together we can understand that any modification to an app requires a new scan for maximum safety.
    3. In my experience the Web Protection works really well and I am not sure how the "weekly report" you mentioned works, but if you have doubts about it maybe you should send a detailed report to support as @Flexx mentioned before.

    As far as I know, the Anti-Theft module is limited by the OS but then again, you can contact the support with more details if you think some specific aspects could be improved.

    Thanks for your suggestions! Have a good day!