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A suggestion to avoid confusion and worries, especially for less experienced users.

When updating new versions of Bitdefender Home, after a few seconds the Windows Security Center notification appears saying that the system is not protected, even though the basic Bitdefender protection services are active during the Bitdefender Home update phase. .

So it would be better to maintain an active service that communicates with the Windows Security Center during version updates, so that this notification does not appear and does not send the user into "panic". Obviously this phenomenon is more evident on older PCs.

Thank you and I hope my idea is accepted. 🙂

Nunzio ·

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @Nunzio77,

    In newer versions of Windows, shut down or sleep is no longer equal to restart, due to performance considerations of the operating system. So unless the user explicitly restarts the system, he would no longer be able to replace the update files as he used to do before - that's about what was wrong with deferring service restarts until the machine is restarted the way they used to be. That's why a new flow appeared, so that we can allow updates to be carried out when necessary and ensure the devices are restarted properly.

    However, there are plans to improve this notification flow as much as possible and the developers have addressed some areas already, but I cannot say what will change and when, at the moment.

    When updating, there is a notification that says the Bitdefender services will restart. As you've noticed, Windows will give the user a message that he is no longer protected in the few seconds that Bitdefender services stop and start. It is important, however that the user sees this pop-up from Bitdefender before seeing the message from Windows, because otherwise it will seem like there is a problem with the antivirus and this is not the case.

    Regarding protection during update, some modules are turned off for a very short time while the patch is being applied. Bitdefender has many systems that back each other up and provide protection.

    By design, the developers would not create an update system that would leave customers vulnerable in any way. 😉


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  • Nunzio77
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    Thanks for this information. Very very well 😃🔝

    Nunzio ·

    Bitdefender Plus, Windows 10 Pro-32 Bit, CPU Intel Core2 Duo T7500, RAM 4 Gb - Bitdefender Mobile Security