Improve Anti Tracker with important features


It would be great if the Anti Tracker extension can include Scam protection, ads/popup blocker and other important features which will help users stay safe in the digital world enabling a smooth and safe experience

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  • Gjoksi


    As for the scam protection, there's already an extension called Bitdefender Traffic Light:

    As for the ads/popup blocker, there's already an extension called uBlock Origin:

    TBH, i don't think that it is possible to add ads/popup blocking feature to the Bitdefender Anti-Tracker extension.


  • Guess I commented on the incorrect extension - I do agree that uBlock Origin blocks ads (which I personally use) however like Kaspersky's extension - it includes these features as well. Maybe a new extension branded by BD that covers ads/popup blocker/anti tracking and other useful functionalities would be nice without the need to download separate extensions from 3rd party

  • Hello @Nabeel and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. 👍️

    In regard to your suggestion, the features you have listed above are already included in the Bitdefender solutions and you can use the ad-blocking capabilities available in the VPN:

    For scam protection, a good layer of defense is the anti-phishing or anti-fraud module – another component of the anti-virus that analyzes the web pages you land on and determines whether it has been designed to steal your data. Even if you have fallen for the scam and opened the phishing message, the anti-phishing module should prevent you from filling in the form with your sensitive information (credit card number, expiration date, CVV, or PIN number, among others).

    Also, Bitdefender's latest Mobile Security for Android technology detects link-based mobile attacks delivered through SMS, messaging apps, and notifications. Scams, frauds, and malware campaigns spread organically through the Android user community. You can read more about the Scam Alert module here:

    For more context on phishing and scams, you can check the following article that shares some useful tips on how to protect yourself against these attacks:

    Keep in mind that the first and perhaps most important measure of protection is prevention.



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  • Concerning pop-up blockers, the notifications and pop-ups you may experience when browsing do not have anything malicious attached to them, but when you click on them, they will redirect to malicious sites that try to collect your data or install abusive or dangerous software and this is where the defense mechanisms come into play and the antivirus will block those sites.

    However, Bitdefender cannot take any direct measures for this type of pop-ups or browser redirects, such as adware that you agreed on or something you enabled, like site setting, site notification, redirects in your browser or installed toolbars, extensions or applications.

    As @Gjoksi suggested above, Ublock Origin is also a good option to block ads.

    I hope the information is helpful and thank you once again for joining us here.

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