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when I last restarted my computer it started with the attached problems


when I last restarted my computer it started with the attached problems..

does anyone have idea ? is it a security risk ?




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    edited November 2023

    Hello sharon keinar,

    Welcome aboard !

    In my opinion, it could be a memory problem rather than a malware, but yes, if Bitdefender is down there is a risk. Several issues could lead to that.

    You wrote "I last restarted", not "I started..." Did you install a new soft? an update? A Visual Studio program code?

    1) Did you create before a restoration point in windows?

    Could you restore the system to a previous date and check if BD works now?

    2) Since the two softwares BD and Visual Studio Community are involved in the issue, it could be a good idea to deinstall both and reinstall them, Update all your softwares! Windows first (this kind of memory issue happens when non updated softwares try to link data to the updated windows.

    3) You could too seize the opportunity to clean the system with Scan fix.

    4) Check your task manager. maybe too many softwares are opened at the same time. Especially your provider. But I am not sure of that issue in your dual BD + Visual Community Studio issue.

    5)Check the memory maybe. Although nowadays RAM is steady. you could use softwares such as memtest.exe. Then I am not sure either of this issue there too.

    Run a BD complete antivirus sweep in any case.

    Please let us know,



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