Netgear Armor by Bitdefender Doesn't know why the URL is being blocked. Where do I go from here?


I started getting notifications on my phone for a malicious URL being blocked by Netgear Armor. I logged into my Armor account on my PC and it is showing a few times this URL was trying to be accessed from my cellphone. I did not browse to this URL. It seems to happen when my phone is just sitting idly. is the URL. I tried researching this URL, but I am coming up with nothing. I had a phishing redirect window come up the day before when browsing the web, but it was blocked by Netgear Armor and I didn't install anything to my device or click on any links from the phishing window. After it happened, I wiped my history, cache, and data, and didn't return to the page that produced the phishing redirect window. It was 9 hours after this that the URL block notification came up for the malware URL I listed above. When the notification for the block came up for the 3rd time, I decided to factory reset my pixel. I DID NOT restore from my backup, but I did sign back into my cloud accounts. I also changed my Google account password. I checked all installed apps and did not find anything strange. A few hours after factory restoring my phone, I received another notification that the URL was being blocked again while my phone was not in use. I put in a ticket with Bitdefender and spoke with a technical support specialist and they said they cannot see anything more than I can. They have no information about the URL or why it's being blocked. She suggested that I turn off the Netgear Armor on my phone and just leave Bitdefender running. I'd rather not have my phone reach out to that URL and then have something malicious installed so that Bitdefender can see it on my phone. I don't know what to do from here. I was hoping someone could assist me. Thank you.