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Bitdefender claims to have make it easy to make suggestions. I searched and found this forum but the very first comment says "closed". I would like to see Bitdefender actually place a feedback button on the dashboard.

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  • Flexx

    The Product Features and Ideation page is where you can provide feedback related to any Bitdefender product. This platform directly shares your feedback with Bitdefender developers via the internal settings of the forum.

    While the feedback will be received by the Bitdefender developers, it is entirely up to them whether they will work on it or not. The decision may also depend on the number of similar feedback they receive.

    The forum category is open, not closed, as you can see multiple users sharing their own feedback.

    Additionally, I have promoted you to level 2 so that you can share a screenshot of the image displaying the forum category as closed.


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    Hello @Giman2 and thanks for joining us here.

    There are a couple of ways to submit your feedback to Bitdefender.

    Apart from the Product Features & Ideation section available here, in the event you have previously raised a ticket with the Support teams, you can use the survey to share your opinions on Bitdefender, as well as how your request was handled. Furthermore, should you wish to leave a public review, you can do this using the dedicated Trustpilot platform. I posted a sticky note on the community homepage encouraging members to do this:

    Of course, you can also share your feedback openly in this community anytime. 🙂



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