Paid for premium but still on free

So for the last 3 subscriptions, I’ve been kept on free. I contacted bitdefender and sent them proof that I paid and showed them screenshots as here you’ll see attached. All they said is I’m on free per checking my account which doesn’t answer as to why that is if I paid. They seem unwilling to assist as have contacted them on separate occasions about it.

I waited for the last subscription to cancel out and now resubscribed but kept on free still.

Any thoughts to the issue?

Using my bitdefender account as was used before.


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    Wait for a response from @Alexandru_BD AKA Sir Alexandru, as he works for Bitdefender and has full access to your Bitdefender Central account, your devices, your payments/purchases, your subscription(s) and your chat(s)/e-mail(s) with Bitdefender support.


  • Hello @Dark Halo,

    Do you have multiple email addresses, by any chance? When searching using the email address registered on this forum, I can only find the free license and no recent Support tickets. Perhaps you need to switch accounts from the app and login using another email address where the subscription is active. if you can provide me with a ticket number, I can perform further checks.



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  • I do have an outlook account which I signed in to test but was also free. I subscribed using my iCloud account via apple as paid for it through the AppStore.

    in the pic you can see it’s an active subscription. I’ve contacted bitdefender before and they said it’s Apple, contacted Apple and they said it’s bitdefender. I have no issues with any other subscription such as Avast, Kaspersky etc. just bitdefender which I prefer using.

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    Hello @Dark Halo,

    For purchases made at the AppStore, the subscription is tied with the email address used to subscribe. Therefore, you should create a Central account using that address (if you haven't already), so that the Mobile Security subscription can be activated there. Naturally, if you have already subscribed to Bitdefender, this will be reflected in the Subscriptions menu.

    However, if no Central account exists on that address, the product cannot be activated. Once the Central account is created, you need to bring up the Mobile Security app and click on "Account". There, simply logout from the existing address and enter the email address associated with the Central account, the one used to purchase the subscription and the app will synchronize with it, so that your paid subscription becomes ready to use.

    The Bitdefender representative advised you to contact Apple because the subscription was purchased from them and the Support teams do not have access to Apple subscription management tools, since these are only available to the vendor.



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  • Logged in with central, same account that I paid for the subscription. You can see by the pic inserts that I’m not lying, literally active subscription to my iCloud account but says free on central and the app. I can log in with outlook, gmail and iCloud makes no difference. Point is it was paid via the AppStore with my iCloud account and even if you auto sign in with the apple logon option on bitdefender or the site or central it’s the same thing.

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    These are the x3 accounts used:

    [email addresses removed by admin]

    used iCloud auto sign in, Facebook auto sign in and gmail.

    none of which change the outcome that it’s set to free. However, I’m of the mind it’s associated to the account it was paid from being the iCloud account and it took the money and it’s active per subscriptions on apple but not on bitdefender so how and why that is escapes my mind.

  • I've checked all 3 addresses and none have the Bitdefender Mobile Security paid subscription active.

    I have also removed them from your post, for privacy reasons, as this is an open forum after all. 🙂

    My advice would be to get back to the Support teams and show them the proof of purchase for Mobile Security and based on that they should be able to activate the paid product on the email address of choice.

    Here's the link to contact them:

    Scroll down to state your contact reason, then choose from the available contact channels, chat, phone and email/ticket. Chat would be the fastest way to reach them.



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  • I posted the accounts because I don’t think I was being clear or coming across as clear enough. Those excluding the gmail account is the accounts I’ve only ever had and used. Point is it was bought with the iCloud account. Contacted support before they told me to contact apple and then apple said it’s bitdefender and to contact them so seems no one knows and somehow you can pay for the package and you are kept on free with it so guess only solution is to cancel it and make use of another provider.

    thanks anyways for checking things out but don’t think it will ever be resolved as all I’m told is on my account it says free even if I provided proof that I’ve paid so that’s where it ends ultimately and it’s strange as it was fine before until near the end of last year and since then doesn’t work.

  • @Dark Halo please create a new ticket and give the ticket number and I will try to sort this out for you.

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