Email Protection Only for Outlook or Gmail?

I tried to activate email protection but it asks for a Gmail or Outlook account. I won't use either because of lack of security. Myself and my company use Zohomail, which you do not support for some reason. Do I have to shop for yet another security suite? This is my third one. None of them seem to do what they say. Bitdefender is apparently no exception.



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    Email security only works with Gmail and Outlook. Sooner or later Yahoo will also get added. Regarding other email, they will not be added. More information can be found in below stated link

    Also, the email protection feature is only available to user who have subscription of Bitdefender Premium Security, Bitdefender Premium Security Plus, Bitdefender Ultimate Security & Bitdefender Ultimate Security Plus


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  • This was my error. I neglected to read all of the Zoho Mail documentation. It turns out to have better virus protection for email than Bitdefender's, by far. It includes virus/malware detection as well as dozens of other security and brand/company protections (e.g. anti brand forgery, business email compromise protection, anti-Spear phishing, etc). It also includes guaranteed compliance with national and international email policies to protect my business from liability. So never mind.

  • Hello @Jonesb17,

    It looks like a Bitdefender business product would be more suitable for your requirements in this case.

    Bitdefender GravityZone Email Security is a comprehensive email protection solution that covers all email security needs. It offers your organization complete business email protection that goes beyond malware and other traditional threats such as spam, malware, large-scale phishing attacks and malicious URLs. It also stops modern, targeted and sophisticated email threats including Business Email Compromise (BEC) and CEO fraud.

    This is both an advanced email security solution and a full cloud-based email routing engine with fully featured company and personal quarantines for message management. Deep categorization – distinguishing between professional marketing and suspected mass email campaign messages for example – enables flexible policies that detail precisely how different types of messages are processed and tagged.

    The enterprise solution comes with a plethora of protection features:

    Anti-spam: Multiple engines use a combination of technologies to detect spam as well as more sophisticated targeted phishing and impersonation attacks.

    Anti-malware: Multiple traditional signature- and behavior-based antivirus engines for detection of malware. • Time-of-click protection: Rewrites URLs in email messages and provides point-of-click protection using multiple reputation services.

    Options to autoredirect, click continue, block on threat and show/hide target URL.

    Option to scan links at time of message delivery as well as at time of click.

    Safe & Deny Lists: Create company-wide and/or individual user Safe & Deny lists.

    TLS / Opportunistic TLS: • Enforce TLS encryption and restrict communication with other email servers that do not support the TLS protocol. • Option to enable opportunistic TLS with fall back to plain text if TLS is not supported by the receiving mail server.

    Email Authentication: Support for SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

    Executive Tracking List: Use details synced from Active Directory to automatically detect users’ real names within header and envelope address fields to protect against impersonation attacks / CEO fraud.

    Nearby (cousin) Domains: • Compares sender domain to legitimate domain names to identify nearby domains (that vary from the actual domain name by one or two characters).

    Protects against impersonation attacks / CEO fraud.

    Subject Tags and Headers: • Add tags such as [EXTERNAL] or [MARKETING] to message subject lines. • Add HTML or plain text headers to inbound messages alerting users to potential risks.

    File Attachments: • MIME type checking of file attachments with ability to block dangerous file types. • Detect password-protected archives.

    Keyword Lists: Create unlimited keyword lists. Use rules to analyze messages and take action based on confidential or sensitive content.

    Mail Queuing: Email is automatically queued for 7 days in the event of a failure or outage of the primary email service/server(s).

    Sending Limit Monitoring: Automatic protection from attempts to send large volumes of messages outbound to prevent domain blacklisting.

    Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) Prevention: Drop email destined for invalid or fake email addresses.

    You cand find more information on the Bitdefender Business Solutions by checking the full portfolio available at the link below:



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