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Bitdefender installation stuck at 66%

edited February 5 in Install & Updates

Hello, i've been trying to install bitdefender in all the pcs of the office i work in, but in some of them the installation gets stuck on 66% (starting services), i've tried everything , using the offline installer, the online installer, tried using the uninstalling tool and installing again, restarting the pc, everything, but nothing worked, and it doesnt have a pattern, no model pattern, no hardware pattern, nothing, i'm loosing my mind over this, can someone please help me?


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    Hi Cachos,

    I think you had better check with the tech experts there.

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  • Cachos

    I've figured it out, i first had to disable windows firewall in all machines, then i used the uninstaller of both versions of bitdefender (business and consumer), then i restarted the pc and only then, i used the online installer and managed to install the program in all the machines i was having a problem with, it was a pain in the ****** to do this process dozens of times, but i did it, if you're having the same problem, try doing this method, its not practical, but it works