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I am testing an app that is in beta status and therefore not known to Windows Defender. When I start it I get the "Windows Protected your PC" message.

In Defender settings I can disable "Check Apps and Files" and I get a warning I can dismiss and start the app.

I read some old posts in this forum, but I didn't find the info conclusive or current.

I am looking for current "Best Practices" regarding Windows Defender with Bitdefender installed.



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    @EE99 ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. It sounds to me like it is the "App & browser control" or the "Reputation-based protection" component of Windows Security that is issuing those notices.

    Bitdefender should turn off the Defender "Virus and threat protection" component of Windows Security when it is installed.

    I am guessing that it is the "App & browser control" component. Have you tried turning it off, it is not already off?

    Normally BD and Defender play very nicely together.

    We need more information. What version of Windows are you running? What Bitdefender product do you have installed? Are there any entries in the Protection history Windows Security component?

    Thank you, and have a great day.



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  • Phil, thank you for replying.

    Windows 10 Build 19045.3930

    Bitdefender Total Security Build

    The setting I changed was in App & Browser Control...Reputation Based Protection. I disabled Check Apps & Files

    I could not find the protection history in Windows Security.

    I am fine with simply disabling app checking in Windows Security as long it isn't needed when Bitdefender is installed. I wasn't sure this is the case.

    Your help is most appreciated.

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    @EE99 ,

    Thank you for your reply. I am running Windows 11. When I open Windows Security, "Protection history" is the last item on the first page.

    Interestingly, on my computer, the Windows Security, in the "App & browser control" component, the "Smart App Control" is turned off. Under the "Reputation-based protection" component of Windows Security, the "Check apps and files" is turned on.

    It might be due to the different versions of Windows. I was guessing that your notifications were coming from the "Smart App Control". Is that component active on your copy of Windows Security?

    Personally, I would be confident that Bitdefender would detect any malicious activity on your computer. The Bitdefender "Advanced Threat Defense" module is running in concert with other components, constantly monitoring your computer for security threats.

    I have set Windows Security to do weekly scans, but real-time protection is turned off by default when Bitdefender is installed. Windows Defender has never detected anything during those weekly scans, which is what I would expect, given that Bitdefender is a very comprehensive security suite which scores better than Windows Defender.

    @Alexandru_BD , the Forum Administrator, is far more knowledgeable than I am, so he may provide his advice to us both.

    You are most welcome for the help that all of our Forum volunteers provide. It is a team effort. I have been privileged to participate in these Forums for ten years or so with so many knowledgeable and committed volunteers. Thank you for the recognition. It is sincerely appreciated.

    Have a great day.



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