Renewal from 23 to 24 - any logs for court forensics logs I may want to secure?

Greetings Earth Clan LoL

I'm about to uninstall BD ISec23 to reinstall renewed BD '24 (the best version w/o identity protection)

Now, I'm involved in civil lawsuit and have important digital evidence on one of my Androids (audio voice recordings) > when some files sync'd with cloud back up and on my NAS, there were file properties changed from android creation date(s) to date of backups :(

Are there any extra judicious cautions I may assist a digital forensic expert by BACKING UP certain Bitdefender Logs, ect which might be have computer/network events I ought preserve?

I know COMMUNITY isn't for evidence preservation but I want to err on side of caution AND I don't see any way to export logs or backup before reinstalling new Bitdefender Operations.

Thanks gang!

GRATEFUL and I am,