Bitdefender antivirus failed to detect this app on my phone as malicious

Hi as you can see... I recently buy my self a new phone and heard about this app bitdefender from my friend at school. I installed it and run a quick scan and yeah, it turned out great but when I scan it using an app which I randomly seen in some sites and also had good feedbacks, I tried it but then when I scan my phone using it, it detect 3 of my phone's system apps as malicious any solution on this? I tried to contact the avs that detects the app as malicious. but didn't have any response to them

I hope you can help me with this....ty


  • The name of the app that I use to scan it was virustotal

  • Flexx

    @Erie04 Correct me if I'm wrong, but were you also experiencing issues with many anti-malware vendors detecting your inbuilt settings app of Android OS as malicious? If so, let me tell you that you should always stick to one Bitdefender community account rather than creating different ones. This won't help you resolve your issues. And as confirmed earlier, Bitdefender does not target system files of Android OS, whether they are malicious or not. Even if they are malicious, the Android OS will not allow its operating system applications to be uninstalled. Kindly get in touch with your phone manufacturer regarding this issue or the anti-malware companies that are detecting the Android OS files as malicious. Bitdefender has nothing to do with this.



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