VPN split-tunneling not working for websites

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I added a few websites to split-tunneling but they load only if I disconnect the VPN.


The sites see that I use VPN and are not loading if I don't use a working split-tunneling.

I have Bitdefender Total Security + unlimited VPN.



  • Problem solved after VPN reinstallation.

  • Now the problem is back.

    I don't know why.

    Sites set in split-tunneling do not load anymore.

  • Now they load.

    But when I use Microsoft Edge and load hbomax.com, it redirects me to max.com

    This does not happen with Brave or Chromium.

  • Hello @SorinRO,

    Try to clear cache and cookies for the respective site and set split-tunneling for all known domains of the site, .com, .co.uk, etc.

    Let me know if this worked for you.



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  • SorinRO
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    I cleaned cookies and temp files (using Privazer) and restarted the PC.

    Problem not solved.

    I switched to Google Chrome, where I don't have problems.

    The problems are just with Microsoft Edge.

  • It looks like the DNS was the problem.

    It was set Google DNS in Edge, I set default option and now it works fine.

  • I was just about to suggest to check the DNS settings. 😅

    Good troubleshooting nevertheless. 👍️

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