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BD IS Update: Custom scans disappear // Settings reset automatically

Boing738 ✭✭
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Win 10 Pro 22H2, Ryzen 5 3600, B450, 16GB RAM, RX590

I did a manual update (right click on taskbar icon, intention was only to get quickly the data base update) shortly after starting my computer. BD Internet Security also updated from to I am facing the same problems that custom scans always get deleted, the settings about scanning CD/DVD/Flash Drives/Network Drives and scanning options for Quick Scan and System Scan are always reset when the computer is turned on again. (Quick start of Windows is turned off.)

I really got some requests:

Please check your updates before you dispatch them and give us a fix (or back to version It's not the first time things were messed up and settings were overwritten after program updates. I am sick of always having to recheck my settings after updates.

Why don't you give us two seperate update buttons/options directly in the GUI of the main page of the program? One for data base update and one for checking/downloading/installing newest software version.

This time it was quite fast that I got the update. Sometimes it seems I only get them with months of delay.

Are there change logs available for each update?

Now the present time is critical: My subscription ends in a couple of days and the product is not working as intended (again). Should I really buy it again? It's up to you now to convince me.

Thanks in advance for your help and kind regards.


  • Hello @Boing738 and thank you for your feedback.

    Indeed, an issue has been found after the latest update where device scanning settings reset after the restart. This has been acknowledged by the product developers and after rigorous troubleshooting, a fix has been found and will be deployed with a minor update soon. I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Bitdefender frequently updates its signatures multiple times within a day. By default, Bitdefender performs automatic updates when you turn on your computer and every hour after that. When an update is detected, it is automatically downloaded and installed. However, when it comes to product updates that involve changing the version number, they occur less frequently, typically once every 4 weeks. These updates are important for improving product performance, adding new features, and enhancing security. Since the antivirus updates its signatures several times a day, it's not necessary to have an additional button for this.

    Product updates are being released gradually, so it may take some time until the latest build reaches your device. One of the reasons for which updates are being rolled out gradually is precisely to mitigate the risk of widespread issues affecting all users simultaneously. By starting with a small batch, developers can monitor for any unexpected bugs or compatibility issues before expanding the update to a larger audience. But this doesn't mean that the new builds are not being tested properly beforehand. All updates typically undergo extensive testing internally before being released. This testing process involves multiple stages to ensure that the update is stable, functional, and compatible with various hardware configurations and software environments.

    Yes, changelogs are available for each update and you can consult them here:

    Should you buy Bitdefender again? Well, that's entirely up to you.

    If you still require best-in-class cybersecurity, then look no further.



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  • @Alexandru_BD

    Sorry that my initial post had an angry note. (I actually was angry to some degree 😛 )

    In general, if I want the BD software version to be updated (doesn't have to be immediately, but sooner than several months), it seems it doesn't happen, although I am trying to initiate the process manually. And finally if the software is updated, it is mostly during inconvenient occasions such as video conferences and other work which can't be disrupted or interrupted with a system restart. Some time ago I was having an important video chat with one of my customers, when BD popped up saying restart to finish updates would be necessary.

    If these updates would just be more foreseeable and easier to plan.

    I noticed that sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes after turning on the computer when BD starts the signature updates. Therefore most of the time I manually update signatures about 1 minute after the desktop is loaded. By doing this, I unintentionally installed the faulty version also on my second system (although the problem with this version has already been reported by other users). Again in my personal opinion seperation and different buttons for signature and product updates would be handy and would have helped to avoid this.

    Regarding the faulty update:

    Do you have information when a fix will be released?

    I recognized it is not only about deleted custom scans and reset CD/DVD/Flash Drives/Network Drives settings, also the settings for Quick Scan and System Scan seem to be reset after restart.

    About the delayed product updates:

    I have 2 systems on 2 different SSDs. One is the clone of the otherone for back up reasons. Every few weeks, primary after getting the Windows updates on Windows patch day, I transfer the latest personal data and switch the drives. The "former clone" is becoming the "main" C-drive and the former "main" C-Drive is unplugged. Next patch day the drives are switched again.

    I don't know why, but on one of those drives my program version was stuck at version until the late autumn 2023, although I tried to initiate the update process many times manually.

    I also got questions about the firewall issue, which was resolved with version Is this the same issue which has been reported by AV-Comparatives?

    And if so, have I been affected in the following scenario:

    I am connected to the internet via cable modem and without any other computers connected to it. Although it is my home, I have selected Public Network both in Windows and BD settings. Remote access and file sharing have been disabled in the settings. Did BD overwrite these settings? Could my device's hostname, IP and MAC address have been exposed and could remote access and file sharing have been available to someone on the internet? Or would all of that have been exposed and available only to other computers connected to my modem?

    Thanks in advance for your help and kind regards.