I get this warning 50 times a day. Is this a legit update ?

I get this warning 50 times a day. Is this legit ?

Application wpsupdate.exe has been detected as potentially malicious and was blocked. Application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kingsoft\WPS Office\\wtoolex\wpsupdate.exe Command line parameters: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kingsoft\WPS Office\\wtoolex\wpsupdate.exe" -from=task Detection ID: Gen:Variant.Razy.36600.


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    @Lunar 1 ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. You should report this warning to Bitdefender Support so that they can investigate whether it is a "False Positive."

    They will investigate. If it is indeed an "FP," they will update the product within 72 hours to eliminate that false detection.

    Before doing so, you might want to navigate to the file "wpsupdate.exe" and upload it to VirusTotal and scan it.

    If only less than five of the scanners there detect it, then it is probably an "FP" and should definitely be reported.

    Please keep us posted. Have a great day.



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    wpsupdate.exe is basically a file that is used to update your WPS Office to the latest version available. It is also detected by some antimalware as adware/pup/pua. The best way first is to follow @garioch7 steps, it takes maximum of 72 hours for the malware researchers to remove or to add detection and if the detection remains active, then you might have to consider adding the file to the Bitdefender exclusion list in both antivirus exclusions and advanced threat detection lists.

    Also, if you are satisfied with your current version of WPS Office and do not want to update it in the future, you can simply go into the respective folder and delete that file. However, be aware that you will not be able to update your WPS to the latest version in the future.


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