Autoscan flash drive, wont unmount after restart. Troubleshooting please.

Why does bitdefender not release my drive after it was autoscanned, restarted and autoscanned again? Windows cant unmount it.

Big fan of bitdefender here btw.

Auto scanning is on and I like it that way. I copied files from a drive yesterday before shutting down and leaving it plugged in. I do not normally leave drives plugged in but I did this time. This morning I turned my computer on and bitdefender once again informed me it would be scanning this "new device".

The scan completed nearly instantaneously. It has been an hour and I have not been able to unmount the drive. Aside from opening chrome to google solutions, nothing else has taken place on this system.

I disabled autoscan falsh drive function. Drive would not eject. I restarted my computer. Drive still wont eject. I shutdown computer and then restarted, drive still wont eject. I thought I would try to unmount the drive before bitdefender appeared in the system tray. Took me a couple of goes but I managed to unmount the drive successfully before bitdefender loaded.

I tried to replicate this by turning on autoscan again. I plugged the drive back in, autoscan was rapid and successful. I unmounted and removed the drive fine. So I plugged it back in again, autoscan again was rapid and successful. I shutdown my computer. Then started it back up again. Once Bitdefender loaded it autoscanned this drive again successfully. Drive won't unmount and continued to stay this even after another restart. I had repeat the rapid unmount before BD loaded.

This is not much of an issue on this machine. I do have a fleet of machines in my charge that I was wanting to migrate over to Bitdefender. Autoscanning, drives being left in on shutdown, and being unmounted correctly are all requirements needed from this fleet's antivirus. Is there something I am missing? I understand unmounting before shutdown, or removing after shutdown would resolve this issue. I am not trying to be difficult. Implementing even small procedural changes to the tech illiterate is not worth it.

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    @Kraken ,

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    I am reaching out to the Forum Administrator, @Alexandru_BD , for his comments. In the meantime, you could contact Bitdefender Customer Support.

    Chat is the fastest way to reach them. Telephone support is not toll-free, but there is also an email option.

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  • Hello @Kraken and thanks for joining us here.

    The engineers will try to reproduce this behavior as well. In the meantime, it's hard to tell what could be causing this at first glance. I think it's best to get in touch with the Support teams, because more information might be required to troubleshoot this. They can also gather logs from the affected device when it happens, and these can reveal the root cause.

    Let us know if you find answers there, or perhaps other members can tune in and share their findings.



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