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Firewall disabling alone


1- I entered a password to configure the BitDefender modules. I always leave the Firewall activated. Then when I go to check, it is deactivated. If for me, the program asks for a password to change the settings, how can someone break into my PC and discover the configuration password and disable the Firewall without me even noticing? I have an admin profile (which I never use) and a standard user profile that I always use. Theoretically, any program or configuration requires the admin password. How is this possible? Additionally I use TinnyWall allowing only outgoing connections and I use Sandboxie in the browser.

2- Yesterday my Downloads folder (which is in the default user profile) disappeared entirely with all the files inside. I managed to restore the "existence" of the folder but all the files disappeared.

3-I have installed the Roboform extension in a browser (Brave). Twice I opened the browser and it was not installed. I had to install it again.

4-I have reason to believe that there is someone trying to break into my PC, because they have already hacked my Gmail account and accessed Google Photos and disappeared with some files that I had as proof of irregularities at a local police station in my city. There were recordings of sirens that they played in the early hours of the morning to wake up the entire neighborhood, just for fun, and videos of police officers, who instead of working were hiding in an air-conditioned magazine stand during working hours. Interestingly, nothing was deleted, they didn't hack my email or change my password. The only items that disappeared were just the audio recordings with the sirens and videos of the police officers at the search stand. What do you think of all this?