New Mac install did not connect to subscription


We have purchased a 20 seat subscription for Bitdefender Small Office Security and I have installed ok on my machine and remotely on a Windows machine. I did a remote install on a Mac this week - the method I used was to get a remote control session on the mac and then I went to Install > Protect Other Devices > Copy Link and then pasted the link in to a browser on the remote machine.
This gave the download button and installed. It then prompted me to set up a Bitdefender Central account for the end user. This was unexpected but I did it and then it said they had started a 30 day trial.
Something has clearly gone wrong and I can't seem to find an activation key that I can apply to this installation. The browser I pasted in to on the remote machine had cookies disabled if that makes any difference.

I need to resolve this, but I also need to confirm that the steps I took should have worked as I have another 17 to do.



  • I have just completed one more of these and it prompted me to log in at the end of the installation, so I logged in with my admin account and the installation took the correct subscription. Is this a difference between Mac and Windows because it didn't need this on Windows.

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    According to the Bitdefender website, Small Office Security belongs to the home line of products. Let's see if the query can be answered by forum admin @Alexandru_BD. If it somehow relates to business or enterprise-related issues, then @Andrei_S Enterprise might be able to help.

    Let both of them check on this, and the respective Bitdefender staff member will reply back.


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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @bitstreams,

    Bitdefender Small Office Security belongs to the Home User portfolio. What makes it special is that it can protect a larger number of devices. Apart from this, the install procedure is the same.

    When installing on other devices, simply select the option to send a download link via email or text message, or copy the link and share it.

    The Bitdefender app (antivirus) on the other devices should always be linked to your Central account, because this is where the product draws its configuration and validity from. So, for the Mac where a trial has been installed, you must use the switch account feature to connect Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac with the Central account where the Small Office Security subscription has been activated. Basically, what happened with that particular device was that an individual Central account was created for it, and this is not necessary, because all protected devices that belong to the same subscription must be linked to a single Central account where that subscription is running and not have individual accounts.

    1. Click the B icon in the top menu bar and choose Open Antivirus interface to bring up Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac.

    2. In the left-side column of the main window, click on My Account.

    3. Click on Switch Account.

    4. Sign in with the e-mail address and the password of the Central account where you have activated the Small Office Security subscription.

    The users who install protection on their devices using a link shared from your account are not required your Central login credentials and can perform the installation on their devices themselves, using the link. Of course, if you are an administrator with physical access to the other devices, and wish to install protection yourself, you can simply login into your Central account on each device and follow the installation steps described here:

    I hope the information is helpful.



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  • I will try that - thank you