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Bitdefender mobile version services keeps turning itself off on android TV box

Petersl Defender of the month ✭✭✭

I have an HK1RBOX running android 12 and have bitdefender mobile version Since 2 days now the bitdefender service keeps turning itself of and I have to manually turn it back on, I have already tried reinstalling the app and was able to reproduce this issue.

It happened twice now both when connected with expressvpn app for android, I'm not sure if this has something to do with it as I have used the expressvpn android app in combination with the bitdefender mobile for android and it's only happening now. Both time the issue occurred when using the youtube app for android and having it sit idle for a few hours with youtube now showing screensaver images when sitting idle.

I don't know if either the expressvpn or the youtube app conflicting with bitdefender or if it's just a bug in the latest version of the bitdefender mobile app.

I have now reinstalled the bitdefender app for android a second time now and I'll try to recreate the issue again while being connected with expressvpn, if I can recreate the issue again I will try to recreate it while connected with nordvpn to see if that's the issue.


  • Petersl
    Petersl Defender of the month ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone,

    Update: I think my issue with the bitdefender services crashing is not related to the bitdefender mobile app but something to do with my android device.

    I'm able to recreate it only when using the youtube app for several hours and letting the youtube app idle and displaying the screensaver images from youtube, it takes somewhere between 10 hours and 20 hours to recreate the issue by after exiting the youtube app I immediately go to the bitdefender mobile app and it sometimes crashes when going to the bitdefender app. My vpn app connection also crashes sometimes when going to it after exiting the youtube app.

    I can see in the notifications tab in my bitdefender central that the crash only occurs at the same time I go to the bitdefender app after having youtube idle with the screensaver for several hours.

    It's probably an issue with either the youtube app or some issue on my android device but probably not the bitdefender mobile app.

    I can easy avoid this issue by simply exiting the youtube app instead of having it idle and displaying the screensaver images. This solves the issue.