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Feature request for Bitdefender Mobile Security


Feature request:

1) Network Scan: A network scan on Android checks nearby Wi-Fi networks, showing their names, signal strength, and security details. It helps users find secure and reliable networks to connect to. Some apps also look for potential security issues or threats on these networks. Additionally, it can show connected devices on the network. If all devices are recognized, that's great. But if there's an unknown device, the user can spot it and secure the network by changing the Wi-Fi password.

Currently, the option of network scan is available on Bitdefender Central for Android, but that does not make sense. It should be integrated as a feature in the BMS. Many anti-malware vendors I see have this feature integrated into their apps.

2) Signature-based detection, stored on Android: While some antimalware software relies on it, Bitdefender primarily depends on cloud scanning. Consider this worst-case scenario: if there's a loss of signal, like in hilly areas or when the SIM card recharge expires, and files are transferred via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct, and if one of those files is a malicious APK, the mobile device will get infected. Many game mods contain screen lockers, adding to the severity of the scenario. Previously, this feature was integrated into the BMS. I understand that with changes in technology, features evolve, but some basic functionalities must remain consistent. Removing this feature will not address the above worst-case scenario. If any user gets infected, as stated above, by transferring mod apps or games which turn out to be screen lockers, they might report to customer support that they've taken a Bitdefender subscription, only to find it unable to detect the malware. This might lead to subscription cancellations and users switching to other antimalware solutions. For example, Norton, Sophos, Avast, AVG, ESET, Trend Micro, Dr.Web, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, etc., all have a combination of cloud technology with basic signature-based detection stored on the device. One cannot solely rely on Bitdefender in this worst-case scenario and may need to have another antimalware solution with a malware database stored on the device.

3) A simple change in VPN in BMS as compare to standalone VPN app for Android: The standalone VPN app for Android shows the server engine as Powered by Pango, the parent company of Hotspot Shield. However, the VPN integrated into the BMS displays the server engine as Powered by Hotspot Shield. Even the desktop application for Windows shows it as Powered by Pango. To maintain consistency, the server engine name in the BMS should also be changed to Powered by Pango. Image attached for reference.

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