Crazy amount of trackers blocked.


My VPN on PC is blocking a crazy amount of trackers. In less than 24 hours of vpn connectivity, it claims to have blocked more than 1.2k trackers. I feel like this is a crazy amount, and the computer has only idled and been used to play a couple of games and watch YouTube. Anyone know what's going on or if this is a normal amount to be blocked?


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    Hi @LaserMouse33

    That does not sound right. I have the free version so I can't play with it very long on my end. What you can do is to go to the VPN Settings/General/Clear dashboard/ to start with a clean slate (take a screenshot of where you're at now). Then, right click the system tray icon/Quit, then restart the VPN. Then out of curiosity's sake, go to a couple of websites and monitor what happens using side by side mode.

    Otherwise, I would contact Bitdefender Support at:

    Select, How Tos & TroubleshootingTroubleshooting and go through the prompts until you get to the black Contact Support box. You will get the option of ChatCall or Email, and see what Chat has to say.

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    I think the number of trackers blocked by the VPN can vary widely depending on your online activity and the websites you visit. If you've played a couple of online games and watched videos as well, this is not a big number. Youtube is known for heavy advertising, so you are likely to encounter many trackers there. Then, VPN that focuses on privacy will often block trackers more aggressively, sometimes identifying and blocking multiple trackers from a single website. I think blocking more than 1.2k trackers in less than 24 hours is not unusual, especially if you are actively browsing the web, visiting various sites, and using services that employ extensive tracking mechanisms.



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    Also, you can try following the steps below.

    1) Open the Run command and execute the following commands one by one:

    temp – delete all the files in the folder.

    %temp% – delete all the files in the folder.

    prefetch – delete all the files in the folder.

    2) Run Disk Cleanup using this guide:

    3) Clear only cache and cookies in your Web Browser.


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