How To Do A System Restore With Bitdefender 2015?

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So let me explain my issue alittle bit. I tried to do a system restore and kept getting a error message that anti virus was not allowing access to certain files so system restore failed. I tried safe mode no help same error. Microsoft says to uninstall antivirus then restore which actually worked. Great right? NO. Now bitdefender is locked up, shut off, and i cant even uninstall it LOL. I am hoping i can just use the installer to fix this which i will try now. All the info from Bitdefender manual say just go to safe mode and restore. Fail, pretty sure no one tested that theory. Any thoughts that work a little easier. I never have a issue with System image but i can not do that for my storage drive so i use system restore for that drive.


  • Supposedly and from this thread (as well as the manual as you mentioned) you should be able to do a system restore with BD still intact...maybe the 2015 version is a little more finicky? :blink: (haven't tried it yet) That when you do a system restore (BD still installed) you need to have it boot back into system restore, to finalize the restore, then you can boot out normally, that is if your allowed with BD installed to be able to do a safe mode restore?

    Uninstall tool, just to make it easy:

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    Thank you and i mean it, thank you for taking the time to help me out i appreciate it. I am on anther pc while i do restore from a image to fix this, BD was totally locked up so i do not ever suggest uninstalling and the restoring. You know i am going to try it 1 more time from safe mode then reboot into safe mode i am guessing just hit F8 again to get back into safe mode. I will google fu that first. And thanks for the uninstall tool but not sure if it would have worked the installer tried to remove it but couldn't.

  • You're welcome, viggys, and thank you for the kind words, I too appreciate it :) Yes, for Windows 7 safe mode, F8, for Windows 8 (my way) "search" msconfig and enable Safe boot.

    Fortunately you're PC savvy, and have an image back up to restore to, let us know how you make out.

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    You are a computer Ninja. That is the first time i ever got system restore to work. Probably because i have had BD for 4 years lol.

    Definitely did not find the link to resolve it but you did and i am grateful. There are a lot of people with the same issue i found surfing for a fix BD should definitely add the and reboot back in safe mode to their manual. <img class=" />

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    Computer, good one :D but I would have to give credit also to Werby3, for figuring out the booting back into safe mode to finalize system restore when using BD.

    Yes, I found using msconfig is just a "bullet proof" way of entering safe mode as far as Windows 7 and, "did I tap the F8 key to late, and miss the safe mode "window", let alone being easy for Windows 8.

    Nice link you provided from, How-To, as I use their information frequently :)