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I can't login into my bitdefender central


Hi there,

I just got a message on my mobile that says the following: "Bitdefender sign-in error".

So i tried to login but I get an error saying the following: "The server encountered a problem while processing your request. Please try again later. Error: 32004"

So then I tried to login on the website via my PC. And if I login It's just brings me to the main page of bitdefender.

Is there something wrong with my account? Or is it a problem with your servers?



  • Andrew

    Same issue most be on there side.

  • Same here. My Bitdefender isn't even active because of this issue.

  • Rohugh

    Yeah,  happening to me as well although BD is active.  I keep getting this window on my computer  (two computers in fact - annoying!)

    Trying to log in gives me an "Internal Server" error.   Guess we will have to wait for BD to sort it out.



  • Issue seems to be fixed!

  • Sorin G.



    It was a unscheduled maintenance. Everything is back up and running.

    We apologize the inconvenience.