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Crippling CPU usage when downloading


My machine has a Threadripper 2950X 16-core processor with 64GB of RAM.  Before yesterday, I never had any issues downloading large amounts of data.  Starting yesterday, however, any attempt at downloading data causes the System process to use 100% of the CPU on two threads, with roughly half of that being interrupts.  This causes the entire machine to lag, and even makes it nearly impossible to use the mouse.

The only device driver that made it high on the list when sorted by CPU usage in Process Explorer was that of Bitdefender.

I'd like to be able to just disable protection temporarily to verify that Bitdefender is the problem, but the program inexplicably has no such functionality.  So while my machine was lagging on a 6GB download at just 2MB/sec (my connection goes up to 40MB/sec), I uninstalled Bitdefender.  That solved the problem completely.  The download no longer pegged the System process on two threads, the machine was entirely responsive, and the download speed even increased.

So how do I report this bug properly, and be notified when it's fixed, so I know when it's safe to re-install the program?  Right now, Bitdefender is completely unusable.