VPN - Don't Need It, Don't Want It, Please Fix This When Trying To Uninstall It.

Why is it that every time I uninstall your VPN service I get this error? Not only that but when I restart my computer Bitdefender just goes on and reinstalls it again? I mean, I get you guys are trying to make more money by upselling your VPN service, but this is a terrible tactic and very annoying. I will not be using your VPN, and if I ended up using a VPN service at some point I would probably end up getting it somewhere else, like NordVPN for example considering they don't keep ANY logs at all. But doing this to your customers, it's really really bad. Anyway to fix this or is this just what you guys keep on planning to doing to all of us using Bitdefender from now on? I am pretty sure I"m not the only one getting this behavior when uninstalling the VPN, and please don't ask me to troubleshoot it for you guys, because I will not, it can be easily reproduced, and I will not be doing your job for you. Hope this gets sorted out, thanks in advance.



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    In order to address your concern regarding the VPN recommendations within the product, I can assure you that these are fully optional and can be disabled. You can do so by following the steps below:

    - Open Bitdefender, click Settings on the left side of the interface.

    - From this panel, disable Recommendation Notifications and Special Offers

    - Click Privacy on the left side of the interface, then Settings below Safepay and disable Use VPN with Safepay. By following these steps you will stop Bitdefender from prompting further recommendations to use the VPN while using Safepay.

    - Return to Privacy.

    - Click on Open VPN, then click the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the interface (3 horizontal lines).

    - Select Settings from this menu, then disable Unsecure Wi-Fi.

    As soon as these settings are applied, the VPN will not be recommended nor turned on by any other module.

    Should you want to continue the troubleshooting process, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. As soon as you email us, you will receive a support ticket number, please reply to this thread with the aforementioned ticket number.


  • I'm sorry but I think you missed the whole point. I didn't mention anything about while using Safepay, or receiving notifications about VPN, this was about when uninstalling the VPN portion of the software it always ends with an error, there is an option to uninstall the VPN portion of the software, and also, sometimes when restarting the computer after uninstalling the VPN, Bitdefender will try to install the VPN again, after you have uninstalled it. I included a screenshot as well. Not sure if you even really bothered to read the actual whole post as you missed to understand what was being reported, and instead comeback with a threat about using your forums, lol. I think you fail to understand that you guys annoy customers in many different ways with your software and fail many times to address the issues, but if this is how you answer your customers, I really don't mind using another antivirus solution, you fail to understand you have a lot of competition, and are not the only product around. This response to me seems like you missed the whole point, probably didn't even pay attention to the post, as you failed to even address or answer what the post was about. Maybe this is why a lot of things don't get addressed, seems like some miscommunication maybe? Oh, and don't worry, don't want to violate your Forum rules, so won't post on them again.

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    I've hidden your post as once again it did not comply with our forum rules. I have suggested an option to stop Bitdefender from prompting any advertisments or recommendations for the VPN as your initial complaint is based on the notifications you were receiving regarding the VPN. I did not suggest any troubleshooting steps as you have specifically mentioned that you're not willing to go through the process, hence why at the end of my post I suggested that you email us in case you're willing to troubleshoot the situation you're encountering, as we cannot reproduce the reported issue.

    We'll gladly further assist you, should you want to continue the troubleshoot.


  • Read the post, it says while uninstalling the VPN service, please pay attention. Anyways, don't bother, uninstalled Bitdefender, Will not bother with your product again.

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    As mentioned above, in case you're willing to troubleshoot the mater provide us with further information we will be glad to assist you with the removal of the VPN, however, you have not agreed to troubleshoot the case so far, thus, the only suggestion we can provide is on how to ensure that the VPN never activates on your computer and that no product suggestions are prompted.

    Please let us know how you'd like to proceed.

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    It seems to me that the problem was that the procedure of uninstalling VPN service always ends with an error visible in the first post.

    After the fresh installation of Total Security, the VPN service is automatically installed. At least that's what happened to me today. I don't need this service either, so I uninstalled it using "Remove" shortcut.  However, after uninstalling it, there is the above mentioned error message. It doesn't change the fact that after this procedure VPN service is actually uninstalled.

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    We will indeed need to further investigate the situation you're encountering, kindly email us at [email protected] and provide us with a support tool log by following the instructions below:


    Also, please reply on this thread with the ticket number that will be sent automatically as a reply to your mail.

  • The problem is gone. I can't reproduce in now. The problem was in version in my case. Currently I already have version and uninstallation of VPN does not generate any problems. Thanks for your response!

  • Glad to hear the situation is solved now!

    Thread locked. Happy new year!

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