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Hey, first off the 200 MB you give to people so they can "test" the VPN, its just way way way way to little, i could not test with the 200 mb, cant even run a speed test with it, so i wrote your support about it, i just got we will bla bla bla, really poor if you ask me, i know you dont but i still tell you it is poor :(

The 200 mb is like barelyu enough to open my browser, its much like comming to a Chefs food tasting, and then you are told there are 200 ingrediance in this food, we would really like you to test it out, so here is a pepper corn, please eat that 1 pepper corn, and tell us what you think of the Dinner we made, yeah right you got no clue how the dinner taste because all you got was 1 pepper corn, so how do you think that 200 mb is enough to test anything ?

So i went and bought it anyway, yeah stupid me right, how stupid was that, enabled it, i opened my browser and went to  its slow, i could probably get a company to snail mail me the binary code for a movie on paper, and me then getting it a day or 2 later in the mailbox outside my apartment, and i could then type it in and it would be faster then downloading with your VPN (yeah might exadurate a bit, but its slow as )


With the speed of the net now a day, and the people that would need to have a VPN, this is just ridiculous, when people got 500 / 500 mbit connections or way more, and pay for that, and when they then buy your VPN they might as well go back and get a 56k modem, paying for the VPN and the internet, and then get so bad connection, yeah thats good waste of money for that speed. And this is at 04.00 in the morning, not many uses the net at this hour, and i would guess that the speed will be slower in the day time.

Man just want to say thx for letting me waste my money on this VPN, i just love to throw money out the window for things i have no use for, i wont enable it again why should i lose so much speed and pay large sums for fast internet when i then cant use it, so once more thx for butfucking me on this...

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And yeah yeah, i will go and make sure the recuring is off, fool me once shame on who ever, fool me twice no way that wont happen.



Oh yeah its also so unstable that even i seams stable compared to this, the 5 mins i had it running, i was Disconnected 4 times pff...


  • I have that same disconnect problem. Did anyone in the Bit Defender company contac you to solve the issue?