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Threat Database Isn't Updating?


I first noticed this before I went to bed last night that my threat database was hours old. Something like 4+ hours I think. I just looked on the About tab and my threat database is from 7:42 am. The Current time for me is 2:40 pm.

Now I uninstalled and reinstalled the software the other day because of another issue that support still hasn't addressed nor fixed! I got the installer straight from my Central Account and that was on the 25th of June I think. Everything was updating until last night. I would hope that the database updates are more frequent then 4+ hours old. I just tried a Manual Update and nothing updated???

Anybody else have hours and hours old Threat Databases?

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  • Jay-Z

    It just updated after 7 hours unless now the About Tab is messed up with showing the current Threat Database update engine versions?

  • Flexx
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    Bitdefender database are updated after every 1 hour provided the availability of definition created by malware researchers.

    If you are having issues related to update kindly generate bitdefender logs ( and mail it to bitdefender support at with briefly describing your issue.

    Currently there is no other option available to provide you additional help regarding this.

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  • Jay-Z
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    I did a complete full uninstall of the software yesterday and grabbed the installer from my Bitdefender Central Account and installed it again. As of right now it still doesn't show in my Notifications Tab and the only restart I had to do was after the software installed again it restarted. My current version is

    I will say that the threat databgase updates again within minutes of Windows startup. I noticed that earlier when I booted up. That stopped after the update at the end of May. Now (fingers crossed) it will run all the time at startup. I'm including a snap of my About Tab!

    Give me a bit. It just came up for a restart. I'll be back and let you know if it shows up again in the Notifications Tab or not.

    APOLOGIES! Posted this in the wrong topic...LOL!!!