Half of Internet Users Fall Victim to Cyber Attacks

Half of computer users confirm that they have fallen victim to some form of cybercrime, according to a new NordLocker cybersecurity report.


In April, the company polled 1,400 Internet users in the US and UK, revealing that over 50% of respondents had fallen victim to malicious cyber activity.

Brits hold steady at 55%, while 67% of Americans admit to having encountered malicious cyber activities while using their Internet-enabled devices. Computer viruses, phishing scams and stolen passwords were among the most common cyber-related incidents mentioned by users:

• 33% of UK respondents compared to 46% of US respondents experienced malware attacks

• 20% of UK respondents compared to 32% of US respondents fell victim to an email scam

• 14% of UK respondents compared to 23% of US respondents claim to have had their passwords stolen

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  • I think most people has no idea they have malware or even are "hacked".


    Because cybertreats evolved from doing damage you see and/or can notice, to putting effort into not getting detected and not damage anything on the victims system.

    In just 10 years, with phones taking the place from laptops, the cybertreats only needed to find a phone to connect to, since androids protection was non existant and even worse, started to put in features to share/use external storage, use different users, or even using a current "work" profile, that the user had no idea existed.

    In March (I think), Bitdefender as the only security company found the biggest backdoor in Googles Androids history, and shut it for their customers. In May, ALL mobile companies pushed out an android update to block this wide open hole, which allowed an unknown to simply connect to your phone, and then via the phone, get access to your PC.

    To my knowledge, this is the first time google themselves did not know (or care) about this gigantic miss by their developers.

    The features "Call and message on other phones, Samsung PC link app, Android Work Profile and Androids external storage feature was the 4 main used features in all androids that got abused. Since they had no protection what so ever for it.

    Older phones that still works, but does not have warrenty anymore, does NOT get the may update. You actually have to break the phones secure boot and make the root open, download and install Android 10 yourself (there is no automatic button. You need tech knowhow to do this).

    Or. buy Bitdefender, since they dont care what device they protecting. They will protect it.

    In 10 years, the technical requirements to use your PC correctly has lowered since more and more services are done automaticly. This had a side effect of making most users "dumber".

    As a windows sys admin tech, I have to force my friends to press the darn update button. They do not want to do it themselves, and whines and moans when I press update and follow the instructions, which fixes the problem the friend called me over for ;).

    In short, cybertreaths have not become better. Users has become lazy.

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