Allow user to Disable Anti Theft or add an additional security code for the wipe feature


I have already posted this message in another old topic, but I think it might have better visibility to post in a new one

I am using Bitdefender Total Security (Trial) and have registered 3 devices.

If someone is able to get my credentials to login in Bitdedefender Central, it would be very easy to wipe out the content of all 3 devices and I wouldn't be able to stop it.

I know a malicious user would have to get user's credentials in order to do so but, considering the catastrophic consequences, I would feel safer having an additional layer in this specific case.

If disabling this Anti Theft Wipe feature is not possible, can we get at least an additional pin/security code that is required to initiate a wipe?

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  • Additional security code is such a great idea.

    I myself once wiped my own device, i didn't expect that it just wipe it i expect something like confirmation etc...

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