how to stop VPN prompting to install

im frustrated,

i dont have the vpn installed , i already have one.

i dont want to use it.

i have all notificationsand special offers set to off.

im using my home network setting not work nor public

i continually get pop ups asking me to use the vpn, im at the point im soon going to uninstall bitdefender and buy from another company. im fed up of it hassling me, anyone know how to get rid of this annoying nagging, thanks


  • This is infuriating, and completely avoidable by BitDefender. Please make your software components opt-in, beyond the product that I am paying for.

  • does anyone know how to turn this off?

  • I may have found the solution.

    This is on a Windows 10 machine, with Bitdefender Total Security installed.

    Launch BitDefender

    In the left column, click on Protection. Down in Vulnerability, click Wi-Fi Security Advisor.

    A new window appears. At the very top are three sections, Home Wi-Fi, Office Wi-Fi and Public Wi-Fi. Click on each section to find the network which prompts Bitdefender to recommend you use a VPN. In my case, I found the network in Public Wi-Fi. Once you find the network, you will notice in the row a toggle button labeled as "Notify". It will be blue with a white check mark. This means the "notify" feature is on. Click the button to toggle it to off.

    Close the Wi-Fi Security Advisor.

    I hope this works for those that are interested.

  • OMG! Thank you very much for your commentary and instructions, Miguel!!!! Would have been much more difficult without the pictures you added. That notice was driving me crazy!

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  • Any indication on how to do that on a Mac? I've contacted the support, but of course, all they can do (and maybe all they know) is to ask for logs and print screens "of the problem"... Without knowing (or maybe just ignoring) that the problem is this shameful situation of installing a program in my computer which I don't need, don't want, etc. Anyway, if you can help in a Mac, please let me know. Thanks.

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  • i have all notifications and special offers set to off.

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  • Basically I am trying to prevent people from installing VPN software on their home PC's and accessing my corporate network. This is to prevent corporate data being stored on noncompliant PC's. 


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  • This has been really frustrating. I keep uninstalling the VPN software from my Mac but after a day or two, it automatically reinstalls it. This is the reason why I'll not renew my license and will switch to another product.

    I'm not willing to pay money for security software that installs new software on my machine unasked. I don't understand how any company could think that this is okay and users would not be upset.

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