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  • Hello! I am new to this place, finally decided to join after reading it for a while. I've been a user of an antivirus program for several months and I love it. When I am in my Pattaya estate I like to visit a lot of websites especially when I plan to download a movie so I really need a good protection. And Bitdefender Antivirus works really well

  • Hello,

    I'm French and I live in France.

    I have been using the computer tool for 30 years. It has enabled me to continue my studies (legal and computer science). Over time I became a real "geek". I put my computer skills and knowledge at the service of a voluntary disability association for 13 years. I managed the small computer park of the association but above all, I tried to make the computer tool accessible to people with disabilities. Moreover, I love reading and writing...not to mention Bitdefender that I use since 2016😉

  • Welcome to the community @TaxiMagicien42 !

    It sounds like you're doing very noble work in helping others with disabilities to be able to use all this wonderful technology!

    Hope you'll have a great time with us here :)

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    Good evening @Andy_BD,

    Thank you for your message.

    Let’s say I humbly try to make my contribution in these two areas that I know well.

    It is with pleasure that I will participate in the various exchanges that will take place here.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi guys,

    I'm Gerald currently in the 40's and working as a design engineer in Germany.

    The good: Been using BitDefender since ages (2008 or even earlyer if I'm not mistaken). Been enjoying my PC and it's protection offered by BD and never ever had something bad happening to it.

    The bad: Unfortunately, since the threat's evolved more and more, keeping a safe system apearently means a super over intrusive AV. Who will follow my older threads will see how my PC is actualy full of exclusions just to function....


  • Greetings,

    I'm Cliff, residing in Ohio, USA..the part of North America that Canada didn't want.

    What is your profession? I was a manufacturer's representative for companies that produced items for physical therapy departments and home care providers. I retired a few years ago and am now a user of the products I used to represent.

    Which are your hobbies? Golf is my main hobby. I've spent over 60 years perfecting my game to a point that is a marvel to those that foolishly restrict themselves to the fairways and greens. On numerous occasions I've heard "What the heck was that?" as my ball headed for parts of the surrounding area that weren't included in the architect's design.

    Share a bit about what motivates you. Generally, pizza and a number of items made of meat byproducts with sufficient trans fat and spice to drive my physician to tears.

    Maybe tell us about your favorite things or people you like? Funding organizations involved in medical research and secondary education.

  • Hello I have a few questions about bitdefender before I decide if I will buy it. I am a very private person. I hate social media so will talk about my profession or hobbies. Sorry. I am also deaf and voice telephoning to ask questions is not an option and website chat or email both presupposes that one is already a client. They expect support questions, not pre purchase ones. Here goes.

    1. I have one (Microsoft OS, Windows 10) desktop computer with no webcam and the microphone is physically removed. I don't need any protection for them. I use Firefox, not Explorer. I read somewhere that bitdefender "requirted" Windows Explorer. Is this true? If it is than I won't be buying. I avoid Microsoft products because they are too inflexible for my liking.
    2. I already have a VPN. I use ProtonVPN and will not be switching. I have my email with the same company. I don't want to pay for something that I don't need. So what plan should I get?
    3. Lastly is the common practice of "upselling" where a company will pester clients all the time trying to get them to buy more products. I don't like this practice and would rather not see popout windows telling me I need this or that every day. Can this be throttled back a bit please. It's OK if a problem is found to interrupt my work but not to try to sell me something. I write. I need my concentration.

    I do not care about cloud computing. I installed 10tb of HD memory in my desktop computer. All the space I'll ever need and I can physically unplug a HD for added protection if I like.

    I try to stay offline as much as possible. I detest social media and do not subscribe to movie channels and don't do any online gaming. See? I think I pretty much just need something that is perhaps better than Windows Defender but not much else.

    On the webpage the descriptions are pretty standardized. Predictable language. Lots of words that don't really say much. The point is I don't mind buying what I need but I don't do the same kind of computing as most folks do. Just a little online once in a while for fun. And, as I said I have a rock solid VPN and will not be switching.

    Thanks for reading. Which bitdefender does anyone think I need? I'd appreciate some authoritative opinion before I start spending money.


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    My family from Australia, Sydney, we arrived in Turkey last year because my father should work here, was hard to find new friends and good education, also we try to find prety good apartment for live, our neighbourhood advice us this service thx for him, because we find good place around my father work and my college!

  • Hi,

    I'm Simon and for years I was an IT journalist, reviewing software and hardware for magazines and websites. Did quite a few group tests of IS software and Bitdefender usually came out top, so when I retired and no longer had freebies to rely on for protection, I went to Bitdefender for my own use. I have eight PCs laptops and tablet protected by it.

    I spend most of my retirement time writing poetry (which I've done for 45 years or so) and have recently had my ninth collection published. I'm generally happy with Bitdefender, other than with a few little irritations. I live in South Devon, UK

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    Hi All,

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  • Hi,

    I’m Chuck Brotman. Ive used Bitdefender (BD) on my computers for years. I'm newly retired (from IBM) and have been a lifetime computer enthusiast.

    I’ve joined this forum to get help regarding BD Total defense on my iOS, which I have no experience with. I’ll go and look for the appropriate place to ask my question...

  • Simply wanted to say hey to all here. It is my 1st message here.

    It truly seems like the moderators connected with this website certainly do a great job.

    I want to learn tons of things here also I will help other members as much as I can.


    Rajesh 😊

  • Hello everyone, my wife and are retired. I was in commercial real estate for 30 years. We drove a semi for 7 years together. We garden, both flowers and veggies.

    We just want our online transaction and video chats w/grand kids to be safe.

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