Parental Control works but doesn't... Screen time is not being totaled at all anymore?

This is a very recent install and at first, everything was fine other than the account to monitor does not work at all(kinda ridiculous in today's day and age). Now it will do everything including adding up the application time but shows nothing for screen time. I've completely deleted the app and all remnants and re-installed and nothing(Mac).

Also manually pausing the device is extremely delayed.

Any Ideas?


  • Exactly the same problem here. The last registering of time spent on a device was Friday - after that it's blank. Blocked websites are accessible as well! (Windows 10)

  • Yep, it stopped adding the time Friday. So it looks like it is both windows and Mac having the problem. 😪

  • My Parental Control came back partway through Tuesday. Not sure if it was a glitch in the software or incompatibility issues with an update etc?

  • BartonBarton
    edited March 2

    Fix screen time limits not working on Windows 10 and Xbox. update of Windows, you're able to set up one schedule that'll apply to all of your child's devices.

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