We detected a change in your device's settings that allows users to modify security zone policies

I got this message today with the new GUI and the only option was to "Fix it"

This is not a good approach, please make it possible to see details about what device and what choices are available.

I often experience Bitdefender blocking my docker for desktop and kubernetes and honestly I'm getting tired of this at every single update/upgrade. Apparently whatever it did as a "fix" it was again blocking the kubernetes cluster.


  • I agree it is NOT a good approach. I asked a similar question but it wasn't answered by a mod.

    We are asked to blindly accept these notifications/recommendations without knowing what BD is actually doing to our systems. If we accept these changes and then discover that we have a system problem how are we expected to undo such changes?

  • Hi everyone and thank you for the details and feedback provided!

    I have also forwarded this feedback to the development team so we can prevent similar situations from happening.

    To explain the changes happening to your device after clicking Fix it for this specific notification, our Vulnerability detection module will set the default secure settings in Internet Explorer -> Internet Options -> Security.

    To modify these settings, click on each icon and you'll be presented with the available options.

  • Thank you for forwarding this feedback to the devs!

    Three things.

    1. I would like to know what the fix will be before each action, not after.
    2. Explorer/Internet options/security??? I think we need a bit more explanation on this.
    3. It would be nice if a security focused community would be able to filter out spambots like houston43 in this thread.
  • So you change settings in Internet Explorer -> Internet Options -> Security

    I don't use Internet Explorer. Ever. So what's the purpose. So in addition to seeing what will be changed BEFORE the change, can we also have the option to "ignore recommendation"? Especially in the case where it's only a warning?

  • AnotherDave
    AnotherDave ✭✭✭

    Why does Bitdefender forum allow spam posts with malicious links like the two above?

    I only stopped by this thread searching for more elaborate documentation on the "Your device allows any user to change the settings for the security zones. This could lead to execution of dangerous code types from the Internet and websites listed in the Restricted Sites zone in the browser. We recommend you prevent users from changing your security zone settings" notice in Bitdefender Total Security.

    Guess we need a notice that tells BD staff "You are allowing spam posts to remain on the forum with malicious links. This could result in an inexperienced user ending up with an infected computer just because they came here to learn about securing their computer". ;)

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