Bitdefender extensions crash Safari

Bitdefender Antivirus extensions crash Safari in macOS Monterey Beta 5 and Beta 6 (21A5506j). I found that the only way to use Safari is to disable Extensions using "defaults write ExtensionsEnabled 0" in Terminal. I can't go in and uninstall the specific Bitdefender extensions because I can't start up Safari with Extensions enabled.

When I uninstall Bitdefender, I can use Safari with Extensions enabled, and there is no doubt in my mind that the Bitdefender extensions are NOT compatible with Safari in Beta 5 and Beta 6. When I reinstall Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac (, Safari becomes unusable, until I disable Extensions in Terminal.

If only there was a way to install Bitdefender WITHOUT the extensions - or remove the extensions in Safari, not just disable them...


  • How much memory is there in your Mac? There is an option that it simply does not display from memory