Crashes on installation.

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When im running the installation file, it says "Preparing your system for installation" and after a few seconds - installer crashes without any errors.


  • Same thing just happened to me. Just bought 2 new laptops, one laptop installed with no problem.

    The second keeps crashing right after "Preparing your system for installation".

    Please help or I will just need to cancel.

  • Methumm

    Same thing just happened to me also, I need some help

  • aaron65

    i get exactly the same, just bought the family pack. installed fine to the dektop. fails on the laptop. thought it was because the laptop was running win8.1 so upgraded to 10 and still fails with the install. not impressed so far and will be going back to avast on the laptop.

    the link posted a few comments above is uselss and doesn't help at all with the installer failing

  • gskelhorn

    I am having the same problem installing Bitdefender on my second desktop computer. Bitdefender Agent is installed and running but it appears to be the only component installed. Running the installer again is not successful either. Still appears to crash after the message "Preparing your Bitdefender product".

    Anyone find a solution to this?

  • I am having the same problem??????

  • Mike_BD

    Hi @Feras and @gskelhorn ,

    Funny enough, I had the same issue when installing on my personal PC at home (running Windows 7 Ultimate). The culprit for me was the lack of updates for the operating system. Once all updates were applied to Windows, the installation process for Bitdefender Total Security went smoothly .



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