Continually signing into Password Manager

Why do I need to enter master password for Password Manager everytime I open Chrome? Can I stop this? If so, will Password Manager still be running in background?


  • You need to log every time you use a browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge etc.) (to enter your Master Password). And as far as, I discovered by using this app you can disable this future only by pressing the button 'Logout' or to disactivate this extension from the browser settings.

    I hope, I solve your question.

  • I migrated from Dashlane to Bitdefender Password Manager hoping it would be a better product. However this continued needing to login in my browser is a major, major turnoff compared to Dashlane which is only required once every two weeks.

    I request this be a change in the next version, if anyone from Bitdefender is listening, otherwise I'm tempted to go back to Dashlane.

  • I com from lastpass and with it i have to login evrey 30 days ! You have many work to do with password manager !

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    I agree with the other members. Password Manager needs to have the ability to stay logged in for an extended period of time, or until I log out of it. I've used LastPass which gives you log in options, and another security software where you log into its password manager once, and it works for all the browsers during all the time that the OS (Windows) is running.

    Maybe part of the thinking on BD is that it's more secure if we have to log in every time we open the browser? For now, I just close the log in tab, until I actually need to log in to use PM.

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  • Hello,

    I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to share your thoughts, your input is highly appreciated!

    The developers received consistent and valuable feedback from our members and they will address the login behavior in the upcoming releases.

    As the Password Manager is not in its final form yet, we are constantly gathering feedback to find out what must be changed or improved, to ensure a positive evolution path in the future. More updates are also expected to arrive this year. So far, notable updates include the Mobile App for iOS, Safari compatibility and inclusion in the Premium Security package. Stay tuned for more :)

    Best regards.

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    Yes, and I understand that, and am happy to be able to help with any feedback I can offer.

    Keep up the good work, Bitdefender :)

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  • Thank you @Scott, this is exactly what we plan on doing and I'm grateful for your contribution!

    A warm welcome back to the Community! 🙂


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    Thank you, Alexandru 😊

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  • I hope u will fix it as soon as possible ! thanks

    Moreover it is really not very complicated to do I think it could be fixed in not even 1 day 

  • Its a pain.
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    1 day may be a little to optimistic 😊..but it would be nice. They may also be trying to fix a couple of other things as well.

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  • Same here, Dashlane to BitDef PWM trial this week. This is a major issue, Devices in this community are generally very well protected by other means. To allow even longer than 14 days on a single device should be possible or alternatively with a PINcode that expires after a choice of 14 days or one month before Mater PW is required. This is critical as I now need to login several times during a single day even if using different browsers for IT management purpose. Not a workable solution as is, and this is a shame as Bit~Def does a great job otherwise.

  • And if the solution arrives, this product is second to none and even reasonably priced with a family pack!!

  • Hello everyone,

    This is going to be fixed shortly, I understand your frustration and I agree it causes an inconvenience and it's not the ideal user experience. I have exchanged opinions and feedback with the developers and they have assured me it's in the works. The multi-users option for Bitdefender Password Manager is also on the roadmap for 2022, but I don't have an ETA on this. More improvements are scheduled for this year and I appreciate your time and patience throughout this process. As soon as the correction is deployed, I'll give you a heads-up on the thread.

    Thank you.

  • Transfered today from wallet to pw manager, and I'm sorry for this transfer after having to log in for the 3rd time. Who can develop such a solution? After using Bitdefender for many years, I am now dissapointed. Unfortunately, the more user friendly wallet has dissapeared from the package - an other dissapointment. Sorry BD!

  • I just paid to upgrade from my browser-stored password system to BD - I am going absolutely crazy having to enter my BD PM pw every time I start my browser. I have BD Total Security & VPN. Arguably PM should be included but regardless - I will soon have to write this expense off as a very poor choice and revert back. It is that bad. Please change this!!!

  • Hello @Taco and @JcB1962,

    The developers are working on a "Remember me" feature for browser extensions and this will improve the user experience.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process.


  • Please have the developers make a stand alone app as well. Like Kaspersky has. It makes life a lot easier.

  • Hello @Chrisbenno,

    Are you referring to this?


  • I was just googling the masterpassword feature - investigating if I should migrate from lastpass. Can only join in with above complaints. Could you give us an ETA of the feature please? I understand you prefer working on mobile apps, but this i see as a windows based incident affecting clients.

  • I agree with JcB1962 above. Ridiculous how many times we have to log in.

    Additionally, when you click on the extension in the browser to log in, the focus isn't on the button so you have to tab to it or click it. Not a big thing but when the "Sign In" button is the only active part of the form why isn't the focus there? Same thing when the tab opens in the browser and you have to select "Sign In" for a second time again the focus isn't on the button although it's the only thing you can do.

    Another thing I find odd is that once you have logged in and you click the extension to bring up your list of accounts, the search functionality will bring up a parsed list of accounts but you can only click on the one you wish to use. You're unable to scroll down the list. What if your blind or vision impaired, how do you access the list?

  • I just started using BitDefender for defense, FTP and passwords. I do hope you fix this soon. I REALLY don't like the hassle of having to log in and do Captcha stuff pretty much every time I open the browser. That is pretty nuts. Makes me nervous that it even made it past a design and quality team before the product was put out to us.

  • Nope. Went back to my old password manager. I already paid for a year, so I will check in an hope you fix this. As it stands now, not a good product. Won't recommend.

  • Hello,

    I hereby confirm the "Remember Me" feature is work in progress and will become available with the next release.

    The testing phase for the feature that will no longer require the login every time is scheduled to take place in the upcoming sprint this month. I do not have an estimated time for deployment, because this feature is also tied to the Safari extension. The developers have submitted their request to Apple and it is pending approval. As soon as Safari support becomes available for the Password Manager, they can move forward with the rest of the developments.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards.

  • For an unsophisticated user to have to login EVERYTIME one opens the browser and then remember a master password which was generated....hassle to the nth degree.

    And the instructions for importing passwords from another program are obtuse to someone who isn't a computer whiz.

    I just purchased both BitDefender and Bitdefender password I ever sorry

    I'd rather go back to McAfee or Norton, much as I hated all the advertising and popups

  • Hello @sussaw and welcome to Bitdefender and the Community!

    We are gathering feedback and, as @Alexandru_BD said, we're hard pushing dev teams to have the log-in feedback addressed on our next release.



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    Hi @sussaw

    You mentioned the other companies advertising pop ups, just so you know, in Bitdefender those can be disabled in the Settings options. Also, pop up notification in VPN can be disabled in its settings as well. Turning off the main button, Allow notifications, will silence all the other options :)

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  • CrA

    Hey guys, I'm working in software development and I can tell you that I'm very disappointed with how BD is dealing with this issue. This is a product that you want to get money for. Even in these early stages of the product, if you have these annoying bugs, especially in the GUI, and it takes months to fix them, then we get the signal that is not worth wasting our time with this product.

    I'm using BD for many years, and a couple of years ago I had a suggestion for the BD Wallet regarding the usage of the title instead of the username in the list. Nobody cared about it, and now, after some years, I got an answer that the Wallet is not going to be supported anymore and no changes are intended. Thank you very much.

    At least try to do a better job with this Password Manager, and do it nice and quick. If you want the money.

  • Hello @CrA,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. I regret to hear that you are dissapointed.

    Since Password Manager has been launched officially, there have been a series of developments in store and they will make their way into the product with the upcoming release this month. It's been quite a journey for this product and there were some dependencies on approvals for some of the additional features and minor technical drawbacks along the way. I cannot pronounce myself in regards to the suggestion that you've made in the past or the reason for which it wasn't implemented. But we are all ears now and I can assure you that your suggestions will reach their target audience.

    I'm not saying that the Wallet will no longer be supported or discarded anytime soon, as it will continue to exist in its current form. It will be an alternative to the Password Manager.

    Its launch was a considerable upgrade when compared to the Wallet, with a different architecture altogether, so the developers had to start from scratch. They will further improve the new Password Manager and its GUI. But this progress may take some time and would not be possible without the amount of extremely valuable feedback received from the members of this community.

    I am confident that the development teams will do their very best to enhance the user experience based on that.


  • I like BitDefender. I liked the incorporated password manager too. Thinking that it would be even better, I paid for the standalone Password Manager which is driving me nuts with it's requirement to type in the master password frequently. This can often be bypassed by hitting LOGOUT so it is no more secure anyway. I will shortly remove Password Manger unless there is a quick fix.

  • Hello @Chris39_T_Stagg,

    I regret to hear that the new Password Manager did not meet your expectations.

    Indeed, the login process has proved cumbersome and the developers received this feedback from the members of the community shortly after the product was launched. As such, they have been working to develop a fix to enhance the user's experience. A feature called "remember me" is currently in the testing phase and the product teams are pushing to deploy it in the next release.

    A comprehensive update is scheduled to take place next week, when several other areas of the service will be improved as well. There have been some delays due to pending approvals and testing, but the feature is expected to make its way into production by the end of May.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards

  • The Password Manager upgrade has not happened (Expected by the end of May), so I am uninstalling. I'm having to renew parctially evry time I go into Firefox and sometimes just when I change the address.

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    Any news on this matter? Thanks.



  • Scott
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    As with @Chris39_T_Stagg I uninstalled PM as my trial expires tomorrow, and have reverted back to my previous password manager until Apple finally gives into Bitdefender's request to allow it to run with Safari. Maybe we need to try the Jedi mind trick on them, to help things along?

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  • Unfortunately, the developers encountered a setback with the Safari extension and they had to start from scratch (they resolved this already). The new build was delayed +1 week, as far as I know. It is ready and contains all the necessary improvements, but could not be released without the Safari extension, because this assumed that another release had to follow shortly afterwards..

    I know how this looks but trust me, all hands are on deck and they will get this done.


  • What is the latest on this? Coming from Dashlane and MYKI to Bitdefender's Password Manager I took it a "stay signed in", option would be a given - thought perhaps the remember me check box would do something.

    Having to sign in over and over again is driving me mad!

    I have Bitdefender Small Office so I decided to try your Password Manager. Needless to say I won't be continuing the subscription at the end of the trial period unless this is fixed.

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