Bitdefender blocked a suspicous connection I never went to

So I got the above notification from Bitdefender and I'm sure I never tried to access this site. I've checked previous notifications and noticed there was another one about the same website a couple hours ago. I've searched for it in browser history nothing came up. Didn't even visist the same websites, so I'm guessing it's not an issue were some websie tried to redirect me to it. The only constant was that I had puzzle open all the time. So I guess the question is what is trying to open this url and how to stop it?

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  • So your solution is to install other 3d party programs to check for any adware and viruses, other than Bitdefender? Weird.

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    If you know this website is safe because you used it before , you can add to exceptions.

    I have seen this notification before on my pc also, there is nothing wrong... my daughter also had this when she wanted to visit Smartschool website and got this notification, she asked me what to do and i said add to exceptions and there was no problem with the website.