Notification popups triggered from emails are not helping


When I download many emails, there are always some spam with embedded links. I ignore and delete them. Also, periodically I check my spam folder and with IMAP my email then synchronises all the spam emails held on the server. There are a lot of spam emails with embedded links, which I ignore, but you have to check this folder periodically in case there are some genuine emails in there.

In both of these cases, Bitdefender continually pops up notifications for about 5 minutes continually, but every notification looks the same. There is no way to identify which email it is referring to. The notifications have a link "More details" which take you to the list of threats and this holds the website but not the email. So if I don't know which email, then the notification is worthless as it has not told me which email to be aware of, and there is no way to suppress or disable the notification.

See attached for the notification window, which is of no help in protecting me, because it does not tell me which email to not open.

And if I click on More details it shows me all the threats, with no clue to which email each relates to. If I click the dropdown of each one, it shows the website, but still not the email. See following:

For this service to be of any use in protecting me, the intial popup could show the email sender and subject line. That would make it a very helpful popup. If it can't do that, then it might as well not be there, but there is no way to disable it.

I have read that you are trying to improve this, but will any planned improvement include the identification of emails ?


  • Math_Matei

    It is indeed a wonderful idea! I hope the developers of Bitdefender can do something about this aspect !!

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  • Thepipe

    Bitdefender's notifications need substantial improvement. As they are now, they're practically useless.