Please stop the POP-UP AD for New Password Manager on Total Security

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For your information, Bitdefender is now pushing a new version of password manager (as shown in the OP) that is a separate product from Total Security (may require separate subscription). What included in Total Security is the older Wallet function.

However, I do not need any Password manager. I also already turned off Special offers and Recommendations notification yet almost everyday the pop-up ad appears recently. I will switch back to Kaspersky if Bitdefender cannot stop the pop-up annoyances.


  • I came here for the same comment. I have paid good money for this product. I do not expect to be spammed with this stuff.

    I have gone to Settings and disabled Special Offers, which should be off by default.

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    There's a conversation going between @Alexandru_BD and the dev team.

    As for now it seems that this notification will dissapear after it's being shown three times.

    Let's just wait for a response form @Alexandru_BD, who will provide us the correct answer.


  • This is the most stupid way to advertise your product, you basically make the user hate it.

  • Yeah idk what happened, but I didn't get this many pop ups on the free version. I have total security and the pop ups are all day and very annoying. Turned off the correct settings and still nothing. Is there a fix for this?

  • I've seen this several times now - far more than 3.

    Yet another ridiculous unwanted pop up that you can't disable.

    Not a great way to treat paying customers.

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    Hi @stoppwdmgrads @Andyh3930 @jasonmandelasusanto @DOOMTLN @vbfhg rh

    Can you tell us how many times did you receive the Password Manager notification and after you dismissed it at first, how much time has passed before it was displayed again? We are now gathering as much information as we can from the users as the developers look into it.

    NOTE: I am referring to the specific Password Manager notification shown in the first comment, not other notifications thay may be displayed as well (wi-fi advisor, VPN, special offers, etc).


  • I have same annoyance, this pop comes multiple times during the day, for several days now, I have also disabled Special Offers & recommendations.

    This recommendation should only stay inside the Bitdefender dashboard and not a windows pop up that disturbs you while doing other things 😒

  • After I had to reinstall my W11 and Kaspersky would have needed to contact their "helpdesk" to make my code work again. I decided to change the security software (have quite bad feelings about dealing with Kaspersky support).

    Chose Bitdefender. Otherwise, good so far, though I hate (HATE) this God Damn pop-up...

    I don't want advertisement crap on my face, all the time. Not for software I have payed for...

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    If I keep seeing this type of aggressive sales tactics on a product that I've paid for I will not be renewing my subscription, plain and simple! That is all.

  • Make it stop. I bought a virus scanner. I expect to be able to run whatever parts of the product I want, without being hassled. Yet we continue to fight these notifications. Stop. I paid for this product, it is not a free product such that I should be getting hassled. I've seen the notification more than three times. I should see the notification ZERO times. If you want to notify me on the product information page, fine. If you want to send me an email, acceptable. It is not ok for you to throw up product advertisements as notifications when I paid good money for your product.

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    Same problem. Having something pop up on the screen while I'm trying to concentrate on what I'm doing is about as welcome as a poke in the eye. I haven't been able to find any way to get rid of these obnoxious pop up ads, and I certainly wouldn't buy any product marketed by that sort of ad.

  • Im jumping in on this one too, I keep getting the godam thing and I'm getting really annoyed by it. If I want the damn thing I'll damn well activate it. I don't want it, so stop pestering me with these damn pop ups!

  • "As for now it seems that this notification will dissapear after it's being shown three times."

    @Alexandru_BD How about they are shown zero times if you have disabled Special Offers?

    There are plenty of other security tools like BitDefender, if I see this again I will just uninstall and move to another. If you treat your paying customers like this, what else are you doing to cut corners and make some quick cash that I am not seeing?

  • Question: To count to the 3 times, does closing it with X count, or should I "Learn more"? I have dismissed it more than 3 times with X for sure. Super annoying!

  • PLEASE STOP SPAMMIN PAID CUSTOMERS!!! I am at the verge of switching to another product just because of this. I am so serious!

  • One of those instances where advertising does the reverse intention. I cancelled my subscription with you guys. Congratulations!

  • Pop-ups like this is why i stopped paying for Norton after using them for 10+ years. I have opted out of all offers and notifications. I should be getting zero offers and zero notifcations. And yet, it's been popping up for weeks on end now, sometimes twice a day, and it is SUPER annoying

    If this password manager's daily pop-up isn't removed, I will most certainly not renew my sub with BitDefender.

    I buy your product for peace of mind, not to be annoyed with ads\popups every single day.

  • If you have special offers turned off you shouldn't get this annoying notification once - let alone three times. Otherwise what's the point of it?? They need a new setting "Turn of annoying crap that interrupts your work when you've already said you don't want to be interrupted by annoying crap".

  • even that doesn't work as intended - the pop-up keeps coming up daily, despite being dismissed not just three times, but once daily for multiple weeks now

  • I am with everyone else here. STOP THE SPAM!

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    Same here. ANY ad EVER being displayed is unacceptable. It was bad enough I had to disable the other ones, and now this one keeps showing up. It's easily been more than 3 times, plus I have to see them on more than one computer. I accidently let the Total Security subscription renew this past week (I fully planned to cancel), but I won't be renewing next time. Solely because of this issue. At this point the only way I would renew is if they significantly discounted/refunded my current subscription for putting up with this obnoxious BS. Again, ANY ad is unacceptable. I shouldn't have to go into the settings to tell them that I don't want to be annoyed. And realistically, I wouldn't pay for any product that I paid to receive an ad for, regardless of what it was. So even if I was looking for a new password manager (which I'm not), I wouldn't use the BD one solely because I got an ad for it.

    The VPN is the real killer. A VPN with data caps? That's obviously a scam to trick people that don't know better. The fact that they're trying to sell that to me is frankly insulting.

  • Also agree with the comments of the other posters complaining about the password manager popup adverts.

  • I have dismissed this more than 3 times since last week. But surprise surprise.. got it again today!

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    It comes after each system reboot, since a recent update...

    Stop annoying retail customers !

    If I went into settings to not setup any of the bundled apps, it means clearly I don't need them

    So Do not popup them even for your supposed 3 times ! If user disables them, then just respect it, we're not in a rural market with sellers harassing you.

  • Omg...I just signed up for the community due to this issue and found this thread...

    MAKE IT STOP. "Three times and it should go away."


    Any of you guys know a better unintrusive antivirus software? I'm unsubscribing from this CRAPPYDESIGN

  • Fifth times so far. Almost going to uninstall but well. Fortunately just bought 1 yr for trying out. Maybe will end up use back MS own defender instead of trying another 3rd party (I don't want anything else anymore since I tried Mcafee, Kaspersky and this)

  • I just logged in to say I am not going to renew my license due to constant popups that distract me when I work.

    Honestly there is something wrong with your company if you don't listen to your users. My wallet votes NO.

  • This isn't the first time, either. They pulled this crap a few years ago to the same response which is why the "Special Offers" options exists.

    Did you think we'd forget? What has to happen to stop you people from re-deploying crap like this again?

    We paid for the product. If you have a new product, you can send a SINGLE email. This desktop pop-ups are beyond the pale!

    Just stop it!

  • Came here for the exact same reason. It's damned annoying! Special offers is off, I'm using a paid subscription and I already have a password manager. Quit nagging me!

  • Hello,

    I register on this forum just to say : STOP PASSWORD MANAGER ADS PLEASE !

    3 times ??? lol no.. More than that. And i have 2 computers, so, all notifications are twice.

    I disabled the ads notification in configuration, i paid for a licence, so believe me, the day i need another password manager, i'll know it. And it's not time.

    And, now, for sure, it'll not be the bitdefender one !

    I hate this product without using it -_-




  • I have been a loyal customer for years, but it seems that Bitdefender has chosen to go the Avira route. A shame.

    My subscription ends in November 2022 and I won't renew. Windows Defender will do for me, from now on.

  • I'm paying to get rid of annoying, recurring, popups. What's the point in paying a licence if we have to deal with that kind of behavior nevertheless.

    I hope that it don't take you 7 days to "fix" (I don't believe you on that) other part of your program, because that is concerning

  • So after being a longtime Kaspersky customer, I moved all my devices to Bitdefender about six months ago. But, if these popups continue, I will be looking to move elsewhere, when my subscription is up. I find it absolutely ludicrous to be spammed with ads if I've paid full price for a product. Especially if I've specifically selected NOT to receive special offer notifications. And I don't care if it will stop popping up after three times. One time is too many. Totally unacceptable!😠

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    I just had a chat with Bitdefender Consumer Support about the Password Manager pop-up notification and here is the answer from Alberto M. (Support Agent):

    "This notification was generated by a technical issue that will be fixed by Thursday 25th of August 2022."

    Let's just hope on that day the issue with the notification will be really fixed for good.


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    So, I'm not alone in this. Great to hear that it's going to be fixed but I have to suffer several more days because on the laptops for some of the other family members, that popup opens in reduced size which hides the "X". Only way to close it is to click on the popup to put it in focus then use Alt+F4 (need to also press the function key... arggg) to close the window.

    I keep getting called over for this popup that cannot be closed and stays on top of other windows. So annoying!!! My goodness!!!!!!

  • Completely agree with this, and this is not the first time this happens, add the vpn, safepay etc ... This has gotten to the point where I don't think I will renew with BD because of this

  • Completely agree with this, and this is not the first time this happens, add the vpn, safepay etc ... This has gotten to the point where I don't think I will renew with BD because of this

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    Yesterday i got a product update.

    According to @Mike_BD, who works for Bitdefender, an emergency fix was deployed for the Password Manager pop-up notification issue, so it seems that the issue should be fixed with that update.

    Keep in mind that product updates are rolling out gradually to all customers, and your PC may not have the live build just yet. Once the staged rollout update reaches 100%, it is automatically downloaded and installed.


  • Hello everyone,

    The unwanted notifications were generated by a technical issue on our side and we rushed to address this in a fix, released to the whole user base on August 23rd 2022. We apologize for the inconveniences caused.


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  • August

    I have the new build. it is August 29th. I am still getting the popup??

    I have seen the popup so many times, that I gave up counting.

    With this new update, do not start the 3 times count from start again.

    That is not a fix.. That is an annoyance.

  • Hello @Erkl,

    The latest update version contains the fix. If your Bitdefender doesn’t have the same build number, keep in mind that product updates are rolling out gradually to all users and your PC may not have the live build just yet. Once the staged rollout update reaches 100%, it is automatically downloaded and installed. Then, Bitdefender will recommend a system restart to get the latest benefits included in the new version.

    With the latest update, disabling the 'recommendations notifications' will ensure the Password Manager pop-up is no longer displayed.


  • This shouldn't require a "fix". It should never have been created in the first place. And I shouldn't have to go into the settings to "turn off recommendations". Just provide the protection I'm paying for and stay out of sight unless it's something important for my security.

    I really thought twice about renewing my subscription because I didn't like all the spam, but decided to give them one more year, to see if they'd sort their shit out. But honestly, they're not off to a very good start. It's not even a good password manager.

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    Hi @dara

    Thank you for your feedback. There are a couple of other AVs, if not more, that have News and Promotion (recommendation) options to toggle on and off, so I guess it just depends on the company and its business model and philosophy.

    What would you like to see improved regarding Password Manager, or would you change?

    Kind regards,


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  • Hi @dara,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us here.

    The option to turn off recommendation notifications has been designed precisely for users that do not wish to receive such pop-ups in the product. The product must satisfy the needs of a mass of users and as such, some users do wish to be informed and kept up to date with the product functionality and features available to them. Therefore, for the users that do not want to receive this information, the option to disable the recommendation notifications was implemented.