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FileZilla is blocked


I cannot access my FTP server using FileZilla or any other FTP client.

When I use Bitdefender VPN, I can access it without issues, but without a VPN, FileZilla will not access the server.

I have tried troubleshooting with the server administrator, and they have confirmed that there are no blocks on my IP address or from their side. Also, they found it unlikely that Spectrum (my IPS) would block access to my ports.

Their best suggestion was to contact Bitdefender and ask how to resolve the issue with FileZilla being blocked.


  • Hello,

    This could be related to the Firewall. As a first step, disable the Firewall in Bitdefender and see if the server can be accessed. If it works with the Firewall off, you know that this is where you need to look and there are further troubleshooting steps that can be applied. If you are still unable to access the FTP client with the Firewall off, then it's best to ask the engineers to have a look and you can get in touch with them by choosing the desired contact channel at the link below:

    Let us know how it goes.


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  • 1. Open Internet Explorer (yes, Internet Explorer - Windows Explorer uses those settings under the hood)

    2. Go to Tools - Internet Settings - Advanced

    3. Locate the setting called "Use passive FTP" and uncheck it

    4. Click OK and close IE

    After I did this, FTP access from Windows Explorer worked perfectly (provided that the "Windows Explorer traffic on FTP" rule in Bitdefender is set to Allow).

    Hope this helps.

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