Visual Studio 2022 & C# Generates Gen:Variant.MSILHeracles.46462 Virus

I am just now learning C# in VS 2022 and when running a small program having to do with arrays Bitdefender detected and quarantined what it considers a virus. I suspect this is a false-positive, but I wanted to post this here just in case it isn't. Previous program examples ran without issue.

I am looking for recommendations and or mitigation actions. I have also posted this message on the Microsoft support site.



  • Hello @Bannon,

    The fastest way to resolve this would be to report the false positive to the Bitdefender Labs using the dedicated form at the link below:

    Once confirmed, false alarms are corrected within hours.


  • Thanks. I was able to recreate the file and just submitted it.

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    Can you also share the virustotal link of the file here by uploading the file on


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