How do I stop Bitdefender pop ups?

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Again I am getting these highly annoying spam pop-ups on my screen. This time it's VPN I don't need.

I have complained about this in the past and now it's starting again. I appreciate your anti-virus - but I don't want anything else. Why can't you accept and honor my express wishes?

The ad says "say goodbye to annoying ads", but the only annoying ads I am getting is from you, from Bitdefender.

STOP this nonsense!

I have switched off special offers and recommended notifications to avoid this and you STILL insist on sending me unwanted ads.

How can I switch this off and stop receiving annoying ads from you?


  • Hello @AndySA

    Could you please post a screenshot with the notification in question, so that we can have a closer look and advise?


    Stay safe.

  • Here's a part of it

    Oh, the irony....

  • @AndySA the notification is displayed a single time, after an upgrade is performed and it will disappear once you dismiss that banner.

  • There was no upgrade that I am aware of and I am asking to stop then completely and not just sometimes. I get them too many times. I don't need constant sales or marketing messages from a product I paid for to sell me more and more and more. No need.

    Thank you for considering customers.

  • @AndySA you cand disable unwanted notifications from the Settings tab in Bitdefender, as shown in the screenshot below:

    Let us know if this helps.

    Best regards.

  • I already tried that.

    But the good news is that the spam bombardment has stopped for now.


  • Have found a workaround to make sure Windows blocks these sites before Bitdefender has a chance to, potentially stopping the pop-up problem that thousands of users have been reporting on here. Feel free to check out;

  • Hello @onefreebtc and welcome to the Community!

    I must say I'm impressed, thank you for sharing your workaround with us.

    Our members provided various solutions and steps to disable notifications, but as there are different types of notifications involved, it is important to know exactly which ones are popping up, to know where to look for the button that disables them. Apart from the critical notifications that serve the purpose of raising awarness of a potential threat and the ones that are related to the functionality of the antivirus and its features, most of the notifications can be customized, or profile configuration can also help for specific notifications.

    Some notifications are triggered by websites that are being accessed and have an expired certificate. This is very common.

    Other notifications can be triggered by the Firewall's Alert Mode and others are one-time pop-ups only.

    Please feel free to share your workaround with other members as well, as they might find it helpful. For instance, there is a comprehensive thread on the notification's topic, as you may have noticed here:

    Best regards and thank you once again for your contribution.

  • the critical notifications that serve the purpose of raising awarness of a potential threat and the ones that are related to the functionality of the antivirus and its features, most of the notifications can be customized, or profile configuration can also help for specific notifications.

  • ZFerrini
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    I get constantly hounded buy your AV to by something of your and I shouldnt. When My subscription end I will leave this POS Adware off of my machine. I shouldnt have to "Work Around" something i have purchased. I will making sure all of Social Media knows about the horrible software you sell.

    John Ferrini A pissed of customer.

  • Hello @ZFerrini,

    Can you provide us with more details in regards to what type of notifications are you referring to? This way we can further advise on how to manage/disable them.


  • Please tell me how to stop annoying popups asking me to subscribe to Bitdefender's password manager. I have turned off every possible setting that would conceivably allow these popups.

  • Not only do I get that popup as well, there's no way to close it! I disabled the special promotions and it keeps showing up. Please fix this.

  • Where is the fix for this? If I still see ANY advertisements when renewal time rolls around (only a couple months left now) I will cancel even though I am really lazy and will have to go install new anti virus at all my old relatives houses. I paid you stop advertising to me.

  • This by far the most annoying software I have ever come across and I can't believe I paid for it. I tried to turn off the pop ups and did everything mentioned above but the pop up still continue. I am warning every one not to buy this product..

  • Hello,

    The Password Manager notifications were generated by a technical issue on our side and we rushed to address this in a fix, released to the whole user base on August 23rd. We apologize for the inconveniences caused to you.

    The latest update version contains the fix. If your Bitdefender doesn’t have the same build number, keep in mind that product updates are rolling out gradually to all users and your PC may not have the live build just yet. Once the staged rollout update reaches 100%, it is automatically downloaded and installed. Then, Bitdefender will recommend a system restart to get the latest benefits included in the new version.

    With the latest update, disabling the 'recommendations notifications' will ensure the Password Manager pop-up is no longer displayed.


  • I am getting this popup every time I insert a DVD. It takes the focus away from what I'm doing (typing into a web page) so interrupts me. How can I stop these annoying popups? All notification settings are set to Off in the settings. If I can't disable this I'm going to uninstall this software.

  • Gjoksi
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    Open your Bitdefender program, go to Protection -> Antivirus -> Settings -> "Scan CD & DVD" and switch from "Ask every time" to "Disabled" or "Autoscan", depending on your needs.


  • Hello @Adz23,

    Check the scan settings under the Antivirus tab. If the option to scan CD/DVD is set to ask every time, select Autoscan or Disabled, according to your preferences:

    Normally, this should make the pop-up go away.


  • Gjoksi
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    I already answered 2 minutes before you did. 😂

  • @Gjoksi It seems I was two minutes late. But I was making coffee 😅 AND i also got a screenshot, ha!

  • Thank you @Gjoksi and @Alexandru_BD ! I didn't know there were further settings in each module - I expected everything to be under the main Settings page - doh!

  • Hello @Bulldog,

    Normally, if 'Recommendation notifications' is disabled, the antivirus should no longer display such recommendations, as they are tied to this setting. So, if you still get them, I would recommend asking our engineers to have a closer look and find out exactly what is happening there. Click on the link below and choose one of the available contact channels to get in touch with them:

    In regard to notifications in general, most pop-ups can be turned off by using the available settings, however, security related notifications cannot be entirely disabled and this applies for most antivirus products.

    Let me know if you require the full list of notification settings, so you can configure your preferences.


  • I also have the issue that Bitlocker advertisements keep poping up, although the option for that is disabled in the settings.

  • Hello @Dakutta,

    As far as I know, BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature in Windows.

    Do you get pop ups for this, or from Bitdefender? The recommendations from the dashboard cannot be removed or disabled completely. The option that you disabled ensures that you will not have pop ups on your computer stealing focus and reminding you of these features in Bitdefender, but they will continue to appear in the dashboard, along with a few others.

    The recommendations are designed to make the users aware of the available security features and help them make the best out of their Bitdefender subscription. With this in mind, this advisor feature proved very useful, especially for users that are not tech savvy and could use this guidance.

    Going forward, let us know EXACTLY what notification pops up, so we can advise further.

    @Bulldog all Bitdefender notifications will be subjected to a comprehensive review in 2023. This means that, the behaviour, information displayed and throttle mechanism for all the pop ups will come under scrutiny and the development teams will analyze each and every pop-up shown by the product, so they can improve the notifications flow in Bitdefender.

    We expect considerable improvements and more user control over what is being displayed and how, in the near future. These actions will be taken following the consistent feedback we received from our users, on various channels of communications.

    This is part of a larger review that was planned several months ago and will extend over a longer period.


  • I've got this exact popup the last two days, even though I have always had Special Offers and Recommendation Notifications disabled. The engineers need to fix this NOW.

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    Kindly check if below stated link helps you in any way.

    If issue persists, kindly contact the bitdefender support by visiting and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage where you can get in touch with support representative either by email, chat or over a call.

    Alternatively, you can also share your query with bitdefender support team by dropping them an email at [email protected]

    The support team will reply back to your query within next 24-48 hours excluding weekends.


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